Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, resigned under the cloud of the VA scandal. Barack Obama made two announcements from the White House yesterday. In addition to Shenseki resigning, the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, also resigned. Apparently, he has run out of BS. He cannot even fake a confident face anymore when he drools out his dribble of Obama lies. Carney appears as a lost boy, a 5-year old, who can′t find his Mommy at a shopping mall. So much for him!

jay carney resigns

The Shinseki resignation comes as Obama prepares for his big Europe tour next week. Foremost of which is a gathering at the site of the Normandy beachheads on June 6 for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Kind of hard to be commemorating our fallen heroes of WW2 while veterans at home are put on waiting lists condemned to die from a lack of healthcare. Especially since Obama has made healthcare a basic human right.

The VA hospital scandal will be a hard one to deflect and blame George W. Bush for. Sure, the VA has been mismanaged for years, perhaps decades. But Obama has had nearly 6 years to fix problems and has failed to do so. One could argue that Obama made matters worse by expanding the rolls of veterans eligible for care. This most certainly caused the huge backlog which, at one point, consisted of some 1 million veterans whose paperwork was not processed.

Politically, the resignation of both Eric Shinseki and Jay Carney are bad news for Barack Obama. More blame will be focused on Obama, though he′ll try his best to deflect responsibility. After the November mid-term elections, Obama will be made even more irrelevant as the focus shifts the 2016 presidential candidates. Time is running out for Obama to do anything, or should I say, to actually do something other than be remembered for playing golf.