Score one for Fox Entertainment last night with the premiere of their new series, ′I Wanna Marry Harry′. From the same bunch that gave us Joe Millionaire, we once again watch as a dozen dumb, gullible American women get tricked into a Reality TV dating show. Our hero in this is Matt Hicks, a 23-year old Brit who is so poor, he has to borrow a friend′s bicycle to get around town. But what Matt lacks in cash he makes up with his face, which is 99% identical to Prince Harry. So, he is coached in fencing, skeet, polo and proper table manners in order to fool 12 idiotic ladies from across the pond. Let the hilarity begin!

i want to marry harry
Matt Hicks stars as a Prince Harry imposter in the Reality TV dating series, ′I Wanna Marry Harry′. Image Credit: Daniel Smith / Fox Broadcasting Co.

Now, you may think I am being quite harsh on these gals. But seriously, they sign up to travel thousands of miles to meet some mystery man for a TV dating show and they are dressed like they′re going to play ring-toss on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City! Hey ladies, here′s a piece of advice. If you intend to impress some man with plenty of swag to move up socially, don′t dress like you are going to pick lemons for a dollar a crate! When a Rolls Royce comes to fetch you, wear a nice dress and some tasteful shoes, not shorts and a pair of wedgies!

Some of these ′ladies′ are well ′educated′, one has a PhD, another is a premed student. Yet, they are absolute fools. One gal, Leah, who was the first to be booted off, wore so much lipstick she looked like the wife of Milky the Clown. Her shoes were even worse! If Barney′s has a bargain basement, they would have been in the BDSM bin. And she wonders why she had trouble dancing with ′Harry′.

The lucky gal last night was Rose, a 22-year old special-ed preschool teacher. Our Prince Charming rewarded her with the key to the Crown Suite, a bedroom next door to his. Nice pick, Matt! She′s a little hottie who wore a decent cocktail dress and classic pumps to the masquerade party. At midnight, after dancing and mingling with all twelve contestants, Matt chose Rose to spend more time with her and also gave Leah the bad news to pack her bags.

Matt did a fine job deflecting and dodging the barrage of questions the women asked him. They still have no idea who he is, though most seem convinced that he could be Prince Harry. Can Matt Hicks keep the ruse going? Will he find true love in the end? Will American women ever start dressing like ladies? I Wanna Marry Harry is must-see TV this summer!