Another week and another Barack Obama scandal. They sure keep adding up! We could call it two scandals this week, an Obama double-boner! First, on Memorial Day, Obama′s surprise visit to our troops in Afghanistan resulted in the White House leaking the name of our CIA Station Chief in the worn-torn country, putting his life at risk. Yesterday, we got more bad news as the Commerce Department revised their GDP estimates for the 1st Quarter of 2014, showing that the U.S. economy did not grow at the anemic rate of 0.25% but actually contracted a quarter point. Oops! So much for that Obama Recovery! Dare I ask what next in Obama being an incompetent fool?

obama incompetent

Every week we get more evidence of just how badly the Obama administration is running the United States. The Liberal Media is having a harder time defending and protecting their precious Obama. Lies and number fudging is not helping matters, either. Take for example how the White House likes to brag about how Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than George W. Bush did. But, as we now know, the Obama administration is lying about that as they changed the equation by including those illegals who get caught at the border and are turned back immediately. Those types of ′deportations′ were never included in previous reports until Obama took office.

On both the domestic and international fronts, the Obama administration is viewed as a joke. A very bad joke at that! Nobody takes them seriously. Nobody in their right mind believes them. Our allies around the world are losing confidence in us. Our enemies are laughing at us. The American people are losing their patience. Where and when will this all end? The window for hope may open after the 2014 mid-term elections if the GOP wins both the House and the Senate. But if they do, will the Republicans act to reverse the damage that Obama is causing? Or will they sit on their hands believing that such actions will spoil any chances for winning the White House in 2016?

That, my friends, is the $64,000 question. Or maybe the $18 Trillion dollar question? Just how much sand is left in the hour glass before time runs out and the damage is irreversible? Something to keep an eye on between now and the mid-terms will be how the Congress responds to the latest land-grab scheme by the EPA, as well as their new regulations which will raise the cost of nearly all major household appliances. The regulation monster that Barack Obama has created is already costing American families some $11,000 more per year. That number could easily double before Obama′s second term in office is completed. This is the price of Obama being an incompetent fool.