Barack Hussein Obama, America′s first anti-president, has given many idiotic and even insane speeches before. But yesterday′s speech at the commencement ceremony at West Point was a new low! Obama told the West Point cadets that if he has his way, they′ll spend less time fighting terrorism around the world and more time fighting climate change. Does it get any nuttier than this? No wonder only about one-quarter of the cadets decided to be gracious and give Obama any applause.

obama west point speech

Of course, during the whole speech, Obama never once mentioned his latest scandal of the gross mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Might have been nice for him to promise that the VA hospitals would be straightened out for our nation′s service men and women. Instead, the news from last night′s Congressional hearings paints an even grimmer picture that some 1,700 veterans were put on waiting lists and denied healthcare. We know now that at least 100 have died as a result of being on the Obama Death List.

As for Obama′s foreign policy, which dominated much of the West Point speech, it falls somewhere between insanity and being a joke. That the United States will no longer be concerned with hunting down Islamic terrorists is bad enough. Now, Obama wants to further involve our armed forces in fighting the mythical enemy of climate change. I suppose forcing the Pentagon to buy bio-fuel at $26 a gallon is not enough.

America faces hard times ahead thanks to Barack Obama and unfortunately the new crop of West Point cadets who graduated at yesterday′s commencement ceremony will be the ones who will have to clean up the mess. Obama′s speech at West Point had to be one of the worst ever given. It was all but an admission that Obama wants the United States to be a weak nation. Oh, the shame of it all!