The History Channel aired its three-part, 6-hour long ′documentary′ this week, The World Wars. The basic premise was to show how events in World War One influenced some of the primary leaders during World War Two. A fine purpose, if done well. Unfortunately, this attempt was not! There were so many historical errors that I have to wonder if whoever wrote the narrative actually ever read a single book on WWI and WW2? They did not even double-check their ′facts′ with a simple peak at Wikipedia! Here are just a few examples of what must be the ′Common Core′ version of history…

The World Wars

According to the narrative, at the Battle of Midway, the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers in six minutes. Actually, they lost three during the attacks on June 4, 1942, and the fourth on the next day. FDR was said to have sent General MacArthur to the Philippines in the summer of 1941. Actually, he had been there for a few years serving as Field Marshall after FDR exiled him due to the whole Bonus March incident in Washington. Also, MacArthur was not a five-star general until late in 1944 after he returned to the Philippines.

On the Axis side of historical ′facts′, much was made of how Adolph Hitler ′betrayed′ Josef Stalin by attacking him despite their non-aggression pact. Well, I have to question just how much of a betrayal it was when one lying, murderous tyrant breaks a treaty with another lying, murderous tyrant? They left out how Stalin attacked Finland, which, though neutral initially, was tied to Germany economically. For that matter, nothing was said about how Russia attacked Poland in the 1920s. Likewise, nothing was made of how Italy was causing trouble in Africa during the 1920s and 30s, either, well before the war in Europe began. The Spanish Civil War also got little attention. I could go on but you get the idea.

There were many other errors and details which spoiled the whole narrative of the mini-series, The World Wars. You′d think that the History Channel might have done a better job telling the story. Maybe if the writers and producers had watched some other shows on the History Channel, they might have made a better go of it. Watching Patton ride around during World War One on a M3 Stuart, a WW2 tank, was pretty lame, especially when another series, Lock & Load, had an actual WWI Renault tank that not only was drivable but even its 37mm gun worked! Obviously, the idiots who wrote and produced The World Wars are the sort of polysexual Pajama Boys that seem to get jobs in the Barack Obama White House.