Bert Cooper died in the mid-season finale of AMC′s series, Mad Men. But shed no tears, friends, for he went out with a smile and a song! What else can you expect when the character was played by Robert Morse, the actor who danced and sang his way in ″How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying′. I′m surprised his ghost didn′t sing ″I Believe In You′ to Don Draper! Instead we got ′The Best Things In Life Are Free′, perhaps as a warning to Draper. The Mad Men mid-season finale episode, entitled ′Waterloo′, is aptly named as Draper, returned from exile, faces his biggest battle yet. Will he end with the same fate as Napoleon?

robert morse bert cooper mad men

With the Apollo 11 moon mission as a back drop, our gang of advertising characters are facing many changes. They lost the Buick account and have no chance at getting another cigarette client. Cutler is large and in charge, plotting to finally dispose of Don Draper for breech of contract. Cooper is walking a fine line as he acts the role of moderator while Roger Sterling tries to remain relevant. The ad agency itself is beginning to transform into a modern business with its own computer and software to target markets. Cutler plans to rid the firm of the old staff and take the company in the new direction of offering their computerized services to other agencies.

One good thing of late is that Peggy Olsen has buried her hatchet with Don′s name on it. They are once again working as a team, this time with her in the lead role. In a last minute move, caused by Don learning that Cooper has died and his own days as a partner are numbered, he hands the baton to Peggy for a pitch to Burger Chef. She nicely ties in the success of the Moon landing and wins the client.

Meanwhile, Roger decides that he needs to act and quickly. He cuts a deal with the same agency that was going to buy them from the British to take 51% of the firm. Bert Cooper is barely in the coffin when Roger unleashes his plan to sideline Jim Cutler and seize control of the agency. Roger manages to get the other partners behind him with bags of cash. Don helps by convincing Ted Chaough not to resign and go along. The ploy works and Cutler reluctantly goes along, considering the pile of money he′ll make as a result.

So, as Roger speaks to the employees about Cooper′s death and the new deal, Don Draper meets the ghost of Cooper, who tells Don that the Moon and the stars are free for everyone! Then Bert launches into his song and dance routine with a bevy of secretaries. It was hysterical and a great ending. The ′Emmy-buzz′ has already started for Robert Morse. The only disappointment is that we must now wait until next year to watch the last 7 episodes of the series.