How will you celebrate Memorial Day 2014 weekend? AAA estimates that some 30 million Americans will take to the roads. In New York City, we have the annual Fleet Week routine. Millions of Americans will attend parades honoring our nation′s veterans, as well as others we choose to remember. Cemeteries will see an uptick in visitors. Of course, there will be many sales as usual for Memorial Day. Good time to buy new furniture, cars, appliances and clothing. For us home-bound types, TCM and AMC will be running plenty of great war movies. AMC will also be running a TURN marathon on Sunday in case you′ve missed any episodes. Barbeques, fishing, baseball, the beach and other favorite pastimes will round out the weekend for many.

memorial day weekend 2014

This is an ′Open Thread′ piece, allowing you to comment on any subject you wish to. I have chosen to post about how we′ll all be celebrating Memorial Day weekend in this year of 2014. How will you celebrate it? Will you celebrate it at all? Does Memorial Day hold any special significance to you? Or is it just the start of the summer season? A time to look forward to rest and relaxation.

There are many topics I have not written about this past week. For example, the lack of effort on the part of our State Department to get another American veteran out of a Mexican prison who was arrested simply for making a wrong turn on a road. Or the latest revelations about the White Privilege Conferences which are brainwashing our teachers and children. Oh, the Socialists want to blame Capitalism for their perceived racism, but feel no shame in pitching sales of WPC polo shirts at $50 a pop or a seminar work book for $99.

So how will you celebrate Memorial Day 2014 weekend? Will you celebrate at all? Is this a time for serious reflection as to the state of our nation? Should we honor our veterans for the sacrifices they made so we are not a country like Iran, which jails people when they are too happy? Or will you blow the whole thing off and just use this weekend as an excuse to eat too much and get drunk? Those are the questions I am asking today.