Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, used his Twitter account to stir up trouble this week. A genuine Hollywood Conservative, Sajak tweeted on Monday evening, ″I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.″ Naturally, the Far-Left Media went berserk and attacked Sajak for telling the truth about their lying ways. Pat started the Twitter war last week, with a pair of tweets about how the climate is changing and money must be spent, as well as a funny one about how we′re all going to die. This comes after yet another attempt by the Barack Obama White House to push for more spending on climate change and even changed the term to ′climate disorder′. So is Pat Sajak correct in that global warming alarmists are indeed unpatriotic racists? Let us review the facts.

Pat Sajak Global Warming Alarmists

At the crux of the climate change/global warming issue is the alleged relationship between rising temperatures and rising CO2 emissions. Of course, what the ′warmers′ do not tell you is that arctic ice core samples prove that the planet′s temperatures and climate were already changing well before an increase of carbon dioxide can be measured. Oops!

Yeah, that is kind of a big ′Oops′! Especially when the objective of ′warmers′ is to completely tear apart our entire economy, which is largely based on carbon fuels for energy, as well as many other vital products, such as fertilizer. Needless to say, doing thus would severely degrade our own economy, but the real impact would be on those of the Third World, consisting mostly of non-Whites. So Sajak is correct that any policies that would handicap American industry would not only hurt us, but cause untold suffering to billions of others around the world. Therefore, global warming alarmists are truly unpatriotic and racists.

We′ve been through much of arguments before if you have been reading my articles regularly. The computer models are all wrong, except for a handful which predicted only very modest changes. The actual data shows that there has been barely a one-degree Celsius increase in average global temperatures over the past century. The fact that most of the increases noted occur in large urban areas indicates that the real culprit for such changes is more likely concrete and asphalt than carbon dioxide.

As for CO2, it is a greenhouse gas but has little impact on global temperature changes, especially of the man-made variety. Nature, itself, produces far more than we pesky humans do and thanks to God and His infinite wisdom of design, created vegetation which absorbs CO2. We could actually get along very nicely if CO2 increased by a factor of 3 to 4 times than we have now and not worry about anything. CO2 would have to increase by a factor of six before it actually became a health risk. Any major increase in the gas would spur a major increase in vegetation, thereby canceling out any concerns.

But, of course, the Socialists and their Fellow Travelers still hate Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak for his Twitter remarks about how global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists. Their agenda is to give government more control over our daily lives, as well as eliminate Capitalism and depopulate the human race. Barack Obama and his White House full of polysexual Pajama Boys support these agendas. So I suppose that makes the Obama administration one which wishes to foster more unpatriotic, racist behavior.