The latest Barack Obama scandal involving the Department of Veterans Affairs is getting worse for the White House as new reports indicate that more than 100 people died as a result of mismanagement within the VA hospital system. Also, the Obama administration knew all along that there were issues with fraud and delays in treatment stemming from an inspector general report dated in 2008. Calls to fire VA secretary Eric Shinseki continue from bipartisan voices, even from admitted Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Meanwhile, Obama remains silent, not commenting on the growing scandal for some 3 weeks now.

va hospital scandal

The Daily Beast has reported that the number of veterans who may have died due to the VA hospital scandal may be 100 or more. In addition to the 40-some deaths allegedly occurring in Arizona, more than a dozen other states are now investigating the gross mismanagement and potential criminal fraud cases. In Wyoming, for example, A VA hospital with 8 cardiologists were only scheduling an average of 36 patients per week. In the ′private world′, a typical cardiologist may see 50 patients in one day! Other reports show how treatment which normally took 3-to-6 months at schedule are now taking 12-to-18 months.

At the crux of this scandal is the VA bonus program, which pays out large checks to employees who allegedly save the VA money. So by postponing and denying treatment to veterans, our government is rewarding incompetence. One can only imagine how similar situations will occur under Obamacare. There seems little doubt that the allegations of fraud from internal reports and documents being altered by VA employees may lead to criminal charges, if the Obama Justice Department functioned properly. But sadly, it is mired in politics, too.

So when will Barack Obama address the growing Veterans Affairs scandal? With Memorial Day just around the corner, how can Obama look veterans in the eye at all? Yes, this scandal is just one more in a series which proves that the Obama White House is little more than a frat house for Pajama Boys and women with man-hands.