The War on Women continues as the Barack Obama administration releases some 36,000 illegal immigrants on to the streets of America. Thousands of these have been arrested for violent crimes including rape, assault and even murder. While the White House pushes John Boehner and the GOP to move on immigration reform, Obama is now also considering an executive order to end deportations entirely. Will the women and children of the United States feel safer knowing this? Have we reached a point where enough is enough and this madness must be stopped?

illegal immigration

Shame! There is hardly any of it these days in Washington, DC. The New Normal in the Age of Obama is best summed up by the word ′shame′. Its a shame what is happening to this country. Our elected leaders should feel shame for the jobs they are doing. Even on the Republican side, where is the shame these days? Why do some think that immigration reform is going to help matters any? We cannot enforce the laws we already have, and yet Congress and Obama still want to write more new ones.

We long ago passed the point where ignorance of the law was not an excuse. Who can possibly know and fully understand the thousands of statutes we currently have on the books? As president, Obama′s primary job is to enforce the laws that we have. And he is not doing a very good job of it. Oh, sure, the White House likes to brag about how he has deported some 600,000 illegal immigrants, more than George W. Bush ever did. Given how the Obama administration lies about everything, fudging numbers on unemployment, healthcare, etc., do you really believe this number, too? I sure don′t!

One might be able to argue about not deporting an ′undocumented worker′ or resident whose been here 20 years, has a family and generally stays employed doing some job that we ′Gringos′ shy away from. But letting murderers and rapists run loose? A line must be drawn someplace and that seems to be an appropriate one.

So do you support Barack Obama and his decision to free thousands of illegal immigrants whom have been arrested for violent crimes? Or his plans for ending deportations? Does the White House deserve any credit for those whom they claim they have deported? Or their arguments for immigration reform? And what about the Republicans? Bad enough the Democrats seem to be determined to destroy America! Does the GOP have their own timetable to follow? Or will somebody stand up and rally the United States back into a land of laws and sanity? I say, hide the women and children because we′re in for a bumpy ride!