The Season 5 finale of Sons of Guns, Red Jacket Rises, was aired last night on the Discovery Channel. The episode featured a major build project of putting together a WW2 era Hispano-Suiza 20mm auto-cannon and mounting it on a motorcycle sidecar. Will Hayden even talked Vince Buckles into helping with restoring the sidecar and building a mount for the gun. They also had a smaller project, converting a .45 automatic into an OSS ′Bigot Gun′ which fires darts instead of bullets. All of this takes place as Red Jacket Firearms moved into its new building. For once, we ad very little drama, so on with the show!

sons of guns season 5 finale

The program opens with Kris Ford testing a Russian PKM machine gun at a local gun range. The test range at the new building isn′t ready yet. There, while waiting for Will to show up, another gun dealer, Brenden shows up, also to meet Will. Once Will arrives, Brenden tells him that he has a client, a wealth oil man from North Dakota, who has a project in mind. He wants a motorcycle with a sidecar that has a 20mm auto-cannon mounted on it. The weapon purchased, in pieces, is a World War 2 era Hispano-Suiza, base on the Swiss-made Oerliken 20mm anti-aircraft 20mm auto-cannon.

Will seems concerned. Mounting such a large weapon on a sidecar has enough problems to begin with. Add to that the issues of the Hispano, which was gas-operated while the Oerliken was a blow-back type and much simpler. But money talks and the client has plenty. The disorder at the new building also adds to the mix. Much of their tools and machinery is not squared away yet. So Will takes a trip and visits Vince Buckles at his shop, Khyber Pass Tactical. There, Will talks Vince into working on the motorcycle and the mount for the sidecar.

The components arrive and they are in dreadful shape. The gun was cut into three pieces by U.S. Customs, along with additional cuts to render the weapon unusable. On top of that, everything is rusty and seized up. The bike looks okay but the sidecar is awful. The body is cracked in several places and the frame is a mess. But thats Vince′s headache, so the Red Jacket team focuses on the gun. Joe quickly discovers that the Hispano is gas operated and that whole system is missing. So Will suggests using a come-along and contacts Ira for help.

A gun collector, Ian, shows up and wants RJF to build him an OSS Bigot Gun. Basically, it was a combat .45 automatic that had a special chamber insert which when firing a blank round makes contact with a spigot rod, which in turn propels a steel dart attached on its end at the muzzle. The weapon was meant to be silent for use by OSS agents working behind enemy lines during WW2, but when the gun was perfected, the war was over and few were built. Joe and Charlie handle this project.

Vince contacts Will and shows him the state of the sidecar. Its pretty much garbage but Vince agrees to beef up the frame and mend the body. They are still concerned about the recoil and how the mount will handle it. The Bigot gun is ready for the customer and he loves it! It works just fine, shooting a steel dart which blasts through a goldfish bowl. Ira arrives at the shop with a ratchet system for the Hispano. The come-along will mechanically give it the tension it needs to function.

The next day, with the gun ready, Vince arrives at the field with the motorcycle. He′s given it a cool WW2 paint job. Will test fires the Hispano with a single round and while it shoots fine, the cartridge casing separates with most of it not ejected. Will cleans the receiver and figures that the round was merely old and has been weakened by repeated reloading. Brenden arrives and the real test for the Hispano-Suiza 20mm auto-cannon begins. As usual, the final target is packed with explosives to cause a spectacular ending. The final scene is low-key as we watch the Red Jacket Firearm team busy as bees working in their new building.