Another week and another Barack Obama scandal. This time it is within the Department of Veterans Affairs as more is learned about more than 40 deaths at VA hospitals and clinics due to postponing treatment. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has approved of moving Private Bradley Chelsea′ Manning from a military prison to a civilian one as he awaits his operations and procedures to change his gender. Naturally, Secretary of Defense Chucky Hagel defended VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, despite the bureaucratic mismanagement of the VA during his tenure. The Obama administration is also backing Shinseki as the White House promises to get to the bottom of the mess. So what does it say about our government when heroic veterans are dying because they cannot get the medical help they need while a convicted traitor is allowed to get a sex-change on our dime?

chelsea manning

Here we go again! Another aspect of ′The New Normal′ in ′The Age of Obama′. I′ll tell ya, people wonder why I watch more movies and TV shows these? With stuff like this being in the news, its just too depressing. I really have to question whether America will survive after Obama leaves, if he ever does? Who knows with this guy! There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in the heart of Obama.

Just look at the gall he displayed on Thursday going to the dedication ceremony for the 9/11 Museum. We all know why he was there. It was just an excuse so he could do some fund raising in the Big Apple. Get some of that Wall Street cash from his pals there. He never once mentioned that it was Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 during his speech. Obama treated the whole thing as if it were just some natural disaster.

Bless his heart, I hope that Bradley ′Chelsea′ Manning gets his gender-bender treatment and has a happy life for it. But what about those whom have died and are still suffering due to the mess that the Department of Veterans Affair is? Will Eric Shinseki resign or be fired? Doesn′t look like it as Barack Obama and the White House back him up. Will anybody get fired from the VA or face criminal prosecution? What will the Obama administration say to those who have and are suffering? You know the answer. They′ll be lied to, just as Obama lies to the rest of us about everything.