So there has been a lot of ′hub-bub′ this week about Karl Rove allegedly questioning if Hillary Clinton might have some brain damage? This stemming from a fall and a blood clot she allegedly had late in 2012, nicely timed to prevent her from testifying about the Benghazi terrorist attack. Rove′s position was simply to compare her possible health issues with those of past presidential candidates, such as Ronald Reagan and John McCain. So is Hillary Clinton subject to the same scrutiny when it comes to her mental state of health? Or does she also have to contend with other issues such as her weight and appearance as she grows older?

hillary clinton brain damage

First, the obvious answer about her state of mental health is that is that Hillary Clinton, in my view as a political commentator, is an absolute nut! Scientists have proven that Liberalism is indeed a genetic brain disorder. The debate is over and the facts speak for themselves. Anyone who thinks that the federal government can continue to function as it has, taxing the ′makers′ and giving the ′takers′ all they demand while blowing up the National Debt is insane! We′ve seen this before in history and a Day of Reckoning always occurs, usually with a very bad ending. The entire philosophy of Progressive Liberalism is based on a lie.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton faces the real challenge of 21st Century America, how to appeal to 14-year old girls? That is pretty much where we are at as far as advertising goes these days. Barack Obama got elected because of the famous photo of him running down a beach bare-chested in his swim trunks. That is what sells! Sure, Madison Avenue talks a lot about the 18-to-35 demographic, which is also going to be a hard one for Hillary to get cozy with. But Hollywood knows that teenage girls are the difference between box office gold or bust. Hillary does not look all that good to begin with, even when she was younger. Even before we start talking about policy, she has a hard road to travel. Young voters may stay home or shy away from Hillary Clinton if they think she is simply too old or fat.

So do you think that Karl Rove was out of line questioning if Hillary Clinton has brain damage? Or any health issues that may disrupt her presidential run in 2016? Or will she use her health as an excuse not to run, fearing being humiliated in the inevitable anti-Obama backlash? Or from facing criticism over Benghazi and other failings during her days as Secretary of State? It is very rare these days for one party to hold the White House for more than two consecutive terms. Since post-WW2, its only happened once and George H. W. Bush lost his bid to serve two terms.