Democrats in disarray? Say it ain′t so! But there is quite a bit of turmoil within the Democrat Party these days. Here in Detroit, veteran Congressman John Conyers lacks the signatures to be on the 2014 primary ballot in August. Seems that a couple of his hired guns to obtain signatures were not registered voters at the time, so all of their signatures got tossed, along with a bunch of others from non-registered voters. Oops! Last week we saw turmoil in Washington as Minority Leader Nancy ′Fancy′ Pelosi appeared to be having a hard time keeping her caucus unified. A number of Democrats in the House jumped ship and voted with Republicans to find former IRS executive Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress and even more went along to forward the charges to the local prosecutor. A bunch also jumped ship to vote on approving the select committee for the Benghazi investigation.

john conyers lacks signatures

Naturally, we hear little about any conflicts within the Democrat Party from ′The Media′. Just have one Republican cast a cross-eyed look at John Boehner and you′d think that the GOP was going to implode if you watch NBC or MSNBC. But we hear very little about how many Democrats are running away from Barack Obama, often not even in town when Obama comes to their districts to campaign. Even their allies at the New York Times has realized that Obama has lied about Obamacare, publishing a story this week about how costs will go up and you′ll have fewer choices of doctors, etc.

But then, we come to expect this, since we know everything Obama says is a lie. Timothy Geithner is the latest member of the White House Liars Club as his new book, ′STRESSED OUT′, is released. He admitted that the Obama administration wanted him to go on the Sunday talk shows and lie about the economy. Oh snap! I guess Susan Rice was not the only one forced or tricked into such behavior.

So enjoy the day and have a good laugh as we watch the Democrats implode. Bad enough that John Conyers lacks the signatures for the ballot in the August primaries. Nancy Pelosi cannot keep her caucus in check, either. What will become of this? We′ll wait and see as the November mid-terms approach. I just hope that the weather is better and I have electricity.