Tired of the trendy Waffle Taco from Taco Bell or McGriddles from McDonalds? Fear not as you can now buy a Burger King burger for breakfast! Yes! About 5,000 Burger King restaurants across America have done away with the usual rules preventing burgers from being sold before 10am. Now, you may buy a Big King, a Whopper, a Bacon-Double Cheeseburger or even an Original Chicken Sandwich anytime. BK will still carry their current breakfast menu, which includes those tasty croissant sandwiches and French toast sticks. But now, you′ll be able to buy french fries instead of tart tots. The announcement came via BurgerBusiness.com on the big move.

burger king burger breakfast

I view this as a good sign for free enterprise! After all, the whole point of having free markets is to have more choices. Why should our breakfast options be restricted by some social convention that is misplaced? Truly, breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. One in which you consume the most calories as you′ll have the whole day to burn them off. Lunch should be modest and dinner lighter still if you really want to practice a healthy diet.

Marketing trends show that in the fast-food game, breakfast is a growth industry. According to statistics, visits between 8am and 11am have been increasing for the past four years while those for both lunch and dinner time periods have been declining. So the fast-food breakfast game has become quite lucrative. Even Dunkin Donuts and Tim Horton′s have entered the breakfast game with various sandwiches. Taco Bell is another new comer to offering a breakfast menu. But if you want a Burger King burger for breakfast instead of a waffle taco, now is your chance! So eat heartily and enjoy the value of a Big King or Whopper.