Pow! Bang! Boom! Yes, its time for another episode from the Discovery Channel of Sons of Guns. In ′Red Jacket Reloaded′, we have more drama as the company faces a move to a new building while Joe and Will bicker over management styles. Of course, we also have two gun builds. The first involves making a new suppressor for an AM180, a .22 caliber rifle that spits out 1,700 rounds per minute! The second is the complete restoration of a Soviet Russian D20 152mm howitzer, the biggest cannon build yet in the history of Red Jacket Firearms. We even have a visit from Vince Buckles as well as dummy Kris Ford having an accident which almost costs him his eyes. On with the ′show′!

sons of guns d20 howitzer
The Russian-built D20 howitzer is typical of Soviet artillery. Image Credit: Discovery Communications Inc.

As we last left the folks at Red Jacket Firearms, Will was telling Joe he is not cutting it as CEO, which causes Joe to start to walk out. Will bullies him into staying, but Joe starts looking for another client to lease his building. Luckily, Vince knows somebody who is ready to move in. Joe also finally gives Will the business plan he′s been asking for. And Will signs the lease without telling Joe. Back at Red Jacket, a customer, Phil, shows up with a melted suppressor. Joe and Charlie cannot believe that one of their products failed like this until they discover it was used on an AM180. This .22 caliber machine gun shoots 1,700 rounds per minute via a pan-shaped magazine. Charlie tires a suppressor with an aluminum core but it fails, too, so he decides to build one from titanium.

A big semi pulls up with an even bigger gun on its flatbed. Its a Soviet Russian D20 Roundtable, a 152 millimeter howitzer which can be fired level as a direct-fire weapon, too. This will be RDF′s biggest gun build ever. Will wants it taken to Joe′s building, but Joe still doesn′t know Will signed the lease. So Joe has a sissy fit and starts packing up his belongings. Will calms him down and gives him the good news. So the cannon is relocated and inspection begins. The barrel has a 6-inch hole in it thanks to the ATF and U.S. Customs. There is no muzzle brake and pretty much every mechanical aspect is frozen from rust and neglect. Will wants Ira and wants him now!

Charlie finishes the new suppressor while the rest of the gang packs up and moves equipment to the new building. He tests it out and it works great! The customer is happy and even Joe is pleased as they can add the item to their product line. Meanwhile, Vince stops by the new building looking for 70 missing AK-74 trigger guards that should have cam with the ′buy′ they bought. Vince leaves with 12 from RJF′s stock and a promise to get the rest. Ira arrives with a replacement barrel for the D20. He also later finds a muzzle break and ammo for the gun. This brings us to an interesting point.

During the episode, Will brags that this cannon is the largest, privately-owned gun in the world. Really? If so, then how did Ira find parts for the darn thing? Are you trying to tell me that somebody else doesn′t have a working model? Or maybe an American 155mm gun? Or maybe even a working 203mm or 8-inch Long Tom? C′mon, Will! I realize he wants us to believe your BS but I suspect that maybe he even believes his own BS. Will can bully Joe and the rest around but not me!

So parts are replaced and the gun is made mechanically ready. Kris works on giving the D20 a coat of paint. But Kris being a clumsy goof, accidentally sprays some paint in his eyes. Guess he′s never heard of using goggles. Luckily for Kris, Joe, the same guy Kris wanted to beat the tar out of last week, comes to his rescue and washes out his eyes. Ugh! The next day, the client, Kyle, shows up at the range as the team prepares to fire the D20. Even with the power of a D20, Will still feels the need to spike the last target with additional pyrotechnics. Did I say ′Ugh!′, before? Well, it deserves being said again. The final scene is of Will locking up the old building for the last time.