Republican Thom Tillis wins the NC Senate primary, which now pits him against the incumbent Democrat, U.S. Senator Kay Hagan. Tillis defeated the Tea Party favorite, Dr. Greg Brannon, as well as Baptist minister Mark Harris. Another race in North Carolina getting national attention is in the 2nd Congressional District where former American Idol star, Clay Aikens has a slim lead over Keith Crisco to be the Democrat challenger to Republican Renee Ellmers in November. Meanwhile, in the Ohio primaries, the election results have Speaker John Boehner easily defeating his Tea Party challengers. So it looks like he′ll be back in Washington to serve a 13th term.

Tillis Wins NC Senate Primary

Yesterday was a victory for the GOP Establishment. I′m sure that Karl Rove and his pals were dancing with their lampshades on last night. While the Tea Party may still pick up a few seats in the House and maybe one or two in the Senate come November, little will change as far as the leadership of the Republican Party goes. Yet another sign that we will probably get stuck with either Chris Christie or Jeb Bush in 2016 as presidential nominees.

The good news from yesterday is that Hillary Clinton losing some of her appeal. Monica Lewinsky resurfaced thanks to an interview with Vanity Fair magazine. Monica bemoaned being bullied by the press whom rallied around Hillary. On top of this, the new select committee to probe the Benghazi scandal is almost certain to highlight the failings of Hillary as Secretary of State. One can almost see the 2016 commercials now of the parents of the murdered Americans criticizing Hillary over her ′blame-the-video′ speech given at Dover Air Force Base, followed by a clip of her statement before Congress, ″What difference can this possibly make now?″

The results are in and Thom Tillis wins the NC Senate primary. Aside from North Carolina we also have some Ohio primary election results showing John Boehner winning his race to serve another term in Congress.