In a 5-to-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court approved public prayers to be said before the start of local town hall meetings. The ruling concerned the town of Greece, NY, as some groups opposed the practice of prayers before meetings as a breech of the 1st Amendment. But the Court ruled otherwise, saying that such prayers held by local government gatherings did not violate the separation between Church and State under the Constitution. That such was a stretch of the First Amendment. Greece, a suburb of Rochester, New York, may continue its practice as it follows an earlier ruling from 1983, Marsh v. Chambers. The Supreme Court ruled at that time that such prayers by local governments during their meetings was okay as such was a long-held historic practice. So score one for the side of morality!

supreme court rules on prayer

Nice way to start the week! After the silliness of last week, we needed some good news. First we had more Benghazi revelations that continue to show just how lame Barack Obama and his administration is. I mean, the White House and all of our agencies and such are being run by a bunch of stupid Pajama Boys! Its enough to make me want to vomit!

Then we had those wonderful employment numbers with the April Jobs Report from those fine folks of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You gotta hand it to them to have the gall to tell America that the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.3% even though fewer Americans are working now than back in July, 2010 when the U-3 rate was 10.5%. It boggles the mind how anybody can believe anything the Obama administration has to say!

I′ll admit I have not been posting as often lately due to another writing project I have begun. Yes, I′m working on a book! A novel, to be precise, and more specifically, one dealing with the hot genre of the day, the Zombie Apocalypse. So I′ve been busy doing quite a bit of research to have some solid basis for the scenario, medically speaking. Not to mention doing other background work on locations and the developing of characters. My novel will have it all. A country run by a president who skips security briefings and sleeps in late. There will be comedy, plenty of gore, terror, and, of course, sex! Some of which will actually be romantic in nature, though still pretty racy. Oh well, critics called Ian Fleming′s ″Dr. No″ pornography, too, while I would call it ′literature′ in my best imitation of 16th Century Spaniards as seen on Monty Python′s Flying Circus.

So rejoice, dear friends! The U.S. Supreme Court says that local governments may indeed say prayers at the start of their public meetings. That such does not violate the First Amendment of the Constitution. If there is one thing this country needs now is prayer.