On last night′s episode of Sons of Guns, entitled ′Bone-Dry .50 Cal′, we had another dose of quasi-drama from the Discovery Channel. More conflicts between Will and Joe over the building move and Joe′s job as CEO of Red Jacket Firearms. Plus we had the usual two gun build projects. One involved repairing a water-cooled Browning .50 caliber machine gun. The other was a rare Taurus Judge .410 or 20 gauge pistol. So let′s fill targets with explosives and blast away at another wasted hour of television viewing!

sons of guns bone dry 50 cal

We begin where last week′s episode ended, with Will and Joe getting a tour of a building by the lovely realtor, Hannah. Needless to say, Joe is upset that Will is shopping around for a new home for Red Jacket after Joe bought a building with his own cash to lease to the company. I guess Joe never heard the one about not counting your chickens before they hatch.

Later, Will and Kris take some products down to a local shooting range to stir up some business. They meet Scott, the proud owner of a Browning .50 caliber machine gun. I sure wish I had one! Will notices immediately that Scott′s weapon is not functioning properly. For starters, the water-cooling jacket was not hooked up to a water jug, which means that the barrel will get red hot and possibly foul. Scott explains that he has a water bucket for the gun, but the jacket leaks. Will tells him that they′d be happy to fix it for him. So later on, Scott arrives at Red Jacket with the Browning. Kris is put in charge of repairing it.

The next day, Will shows up at the shop and finds the place void of workers. He soon discovers that Joe has the whole gang at his building getting it ready for the move. Will pops in and scolds Joe for misusing his employees. Its back to work at Red Jacket for everyone. Just in time, too, because another customer, Ryan, shows up with a Taurus Judge pistol that has five rounds of .410 shotgun shells. Ryan also brings a small blunderbus with him as he wants the Taurus outfitted with a bell-shaped muzzle and a wooden shoulder stock. Charlie tells Ryan that the bell will have no effect on the shot pattern. Ryan disagrees so a wager of a case of .410 shells is made.

Kris is finding plenty wrong with the Browning. The buffer is busted, causing the weapon to have a rate of fire three times more than normal. The barrel is worn out and the O-rings are shot. Meanwhile, Joe meets with his contractor to survey the building Will found. Will wants a cost-analysis comparison. Joe gets the bad news, even his own contractor says the other building is better. Then Will slams Joe over his failure to get back with the current building owner to arrange for an insurance inspection. Will also gives Joe one week to get a year-end business plan on his desk.

Will finishes making the wooden stock for the Taurus Judge as Charlie completes the bell muzzle. Ryan is pleased with the results though he loses the bet. Kris completes the repair of the Browning, but there are still problems. The rebuilt buffer fails during a test fire. Red Jacket favorite, Ira, pitches in to help find a new another. The next day, all gather at the test range as they show Scott his repaired weapon. But the Browning still fires too fast. Ira dials the buffer down and the .50 cal finally starts to function properly. They blow up a make-shift carnival with the usual pyrotechnics. Back at the shop, Will and Joe have another argument. Both accuse each other of shirking their responsibilities. Joe is so upset he walks out! With drama like this, I can hardly wait for Sharknado II!