Odin, Thor, Freya and the rest of the Norse gods have spoken. The History Channel series, Vikings is a huge hit as the Season 2 finale aired last night. The TV drama series is gearing up for a third season next year after ending in a bang. Or should I say, a slaughter? The finale may not have had the gratuitous violence of last season′s big wedding massacre in Game of Thrones, but it was pretty close. So let us review and recap the action as Ragnar Lothbrok, King Horik, Lagertha and the rest of the Vikings duke it out for the Sword of Kings.

vikings season 2 finale
Ragnar Lothbrok and his current wife, Princess Aslaug, welcome King Horik′s wife and children to Kattegat in the Season 2 finale of Vikings. Image Credit: History Channel and Jonathan Hession.

Vikings, by far, is the best show on TV currently. Think Mad Men with swords and shield maidens. I have to say that after watching Donald Draper wimp out last Sunday and sign his new contract, I wish he had just hopped in a warm bathtub and slit his wrists. No good will come of his knuckling under. So if you are searching for heroes who are not afraid to spill some blood, Vikings is the obvious winner.

For the past few episodes, we have watched as King Horik tried to undermine and belittle Ragnar Lothbrok. Horik has been behind every bad move, from dissing Earl Jarl Borg, causing him to attack Ragnar′s village, to screwing up what could have been a peaceful, bloodless arrangement with King Ecbert of Wessex, ending in a battle which nearly killed Rollo. But Ragnar is far more clever than Horik, so he managed to salvage a peace with Ecbert, gaining chests of treasure and land in England for the Vikings to farm. Ragnar also cleaned up the mess the Borg made, capturing him and turning Borg into a ′blood eagle′, exposing his lungs like a pair of wings.

Meanwhile, Ragnar′s ex-wife, Lagertha, becomes an earl in her own right after stabbing her second husband in his forehead. Guess he shouldn′t have tried to expose her breasts in public. Lagertha also seems to have come to terms with Ragnar′s second wife, Princess Aslaug, coming to her rescue when Horik makes his big move to kill all of Ragnar′s children. Both women also seem to be nurturing Porunn, the former slave girl whom Aslaug granted freedom to as she is the love interest of Ragnar′s eldest son, Bjorn.

Speaking of Bjorn, he has really come a long way since Season 1. Now a grown man, he is doing his best to follow Ragnar′s footsteps. His dedication to the ways of the Norsemen may also hold the key as to why King Horik′s efforts to turn Floki into a traitor failed. Horik ordered Floki to kill Bjorn, but, instead, Floki killed another pair of assassins sent by Horik to off Bjorn. Together, both help Ragnar defeat Horik′s attempt to wipe out the Lothbrok family.

Even Ragnar′s brother, Rollo, crippled in a failed battle against the combined armies of Kings Ecbert and Aelle, got in a few whacks with an ax as Horik′s assassins entered his home. Rollo, now redeemed, has also come a long way from his earlier betrayal of Ragnar when he had sided with Jarl Borg against Ragnar and Horik. Even Rollo′s manipulating wife, Siggy, came through in the end, giving Ragnar the dagger which Hirk gave her to kill Ragnar′s young chidren, which Ragnar instead used to kill Horik.

The last scene of the Season 2 finale of Vikings on the History Channel said it all. Ragnar Lothbrok sitting on a rocky cliff holding the Sword of Kings. Ah, the majesty of it all! Ragnar may even be starting to become a Christian after his faithful friend, Athlestan, taught him ′The Lord′s Prayer′. Which, by the way, was the title of last night′s episode of Vikings. So what will Season 3 be like? I don′t know, but I will certainly be watching!