There just seems to be no shame left in the soul of Barack Obama as he tours Asia. While Obama was in Japan, he bowed to a humanoid robot called Asimo. Did his ambassador, Carolina Kennedy also bow to the Japanese robot? No, she wasn′t anywhere around for this embarrassing photo opportunity. Maybe she was buying a Pepsi from an R2D2 pop machine? Once again, Obama lowers the bar on the U.S. presidency with his shameful behavior.

obama japan robot

Yes, its Friday and another Open Thread article. Your opportunity to vent on what is happening in the world about us. There was much news this week, such as the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Michigan law ending affirmative action. And we have another federal land-grab brewing, this time in Texas over some 90,000 acres of land caused by a shifting of the Red River, the border between Texas and Oklahoma.

I chose to vent a bit about Obama bowing to a the robot, known as Asimo. Obama seems to love bowing to anyone, except the to the will of the America people and to the U.S. Constitution. He has no shame, none whatsoever. I′m sure the Japanese were amused by the whole event. I′d bet Putin was, too!

So was it worth our taxpayer dollars for Barack Obama to go to Japan and bow to a robot? The Japanese humanoid robot, Asimo, can play soccer, but little else of note. Are you embarrassed with the Obama Asia tour so far? The guy could not even reach a trade deal, which really should have been settled by Caroline Kennedy before Obama arrived. What does this say about her being our ambassador to Japan? Another incompetent Obama political appointment? The free world continues to slide into the abyss of doom.