As tensions mount between Russia and NATO over Ukraine, Russian bombers are buzzing the skies of the UK and Holland. The Russian aircraft are not uncommon over the North Sea, but both the UK and Dutch Ministry for defense launched interceptors. Two bombers were turned back from approaching Scotland, as well as Dutch airspace. The Russian military planes have been exercising more frequently since the occupation of Crimea. The United States has responded to the growing tensions by sending some 600 troops to Eastern Europe for exercises in Poland and the Baltic States.

russian bombers

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is on a four-nation tour of Asia, munching on sushi. Tensions between China and Japan have been rising steadily. But Team Obama has little to say or do with the problem. He has no credibility any more on foreign policy, just has he has none on domestic policy. Now well into the sixth year of his presidency, Obama has failed to accomplish anything, other than setting the stage for another world-wide crisis.

Some would argue that it is well worth the $250,000 per hour to operate Air Force One just to get Obama out of the country for a few days. Let us not forget that the cost of Obama′s trips is actually much greater as he always flies with a second 747 as back up, plus several additional aircraft to transport reporters, staff, cars and helicopters. The logistics tail is long and expensive when it comes to Obama.

Will Obama do anything about Russian bombers buzzing UK and Dutch airspace? Given how he has already made quite a fool of himself before the manly Vladimir Putin, Obama will be quivering in a corner wearing his pink Hello Kitty panties. Oh, if we only had a real man in the White House!