First Lady Michelle Obama draws complaints from Topeka Kansas high school senior, Taylor Gifford, who began a petition drive last week to block FLOTUS from making a speech at their graduation commencement ceremony next month. The event will take place at the 8,000 seat Kansas Expocentre and encompasses all five Topeka public high schools. The problem is two-fold. First, Michelle Obama will be using the event to talk about the anniversary of the Brown vs Board of Education by the Supreme Court, calling an end to any official school segregation policy and beginning even more school segregation by default. Another shining example of Liberalism gone horribly wrong. Beyond that, the mere presence of the First Lady, and her vast entourage, will not only reduce seat availability to students and parents, but also distract from paying the graduates any attention.

Michelle Obama draws complaints

I don′t blame the students or their parents from being upset. Apparently, Michelle Obama has nothing better to do while she waits to take another multi-million dollar vacation. I would rather watch, as wretched as they are, a Dr. Goldfoot bikini movie starring Vincent Price than listen Michelle Obama talk. Especially on her lecturing us all on American history and race relations. What does she really know about either? Her daddy worked as a postman while also drawing cash from the Democrat political machine of Chicago as a precinct worker. She rode the coattails of her brother′s basketball scholarship into college. Its not like she really earned anything in her life. After college, she mostly worked political appointment type jobs thanks to her gal-pal, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. In short, Eric von Zipper knows more about American history than Michelle Obama!

Joe Scarborough may call those who Michelle Obama draws complaints from ′asinine′, but Taylor Gifford is exercising her right as a senior graduating from Topeka Kansas high school. The First Lady is abusing her privileges in appearing at the Kansas Expocentre next month. She has no business interfering with the graduation commencement ceremony, especially if it limits how many students and parents may attend the affair.