Even a week or more after the announcement, many are still talking about the comments made by Rush Limbaugh on Stephen Colbert being named as the replacement for David Letterman. In naming Colbert to take over ′The Late Show′, Limbaugh said that this was a covert assault by CBS and that they have ′just declared war on the Heartland of America.′ Colbert currently hosts his own show on the Comedy Channel where he plays a ′character′ of a right-wing demagogue, a sort of a cross between Fox News ′characters′, Sean Hannity and Bill O′Reilly. Letterman′s Late Show is already the least watched of the broadcast network evening comedy shows. Is Rush right that Colbert will lose even more ground as the nation switches channels?

rush limbaugh stephen colbert

I am of three minds on this one. For starters, I rarely watch these nincompoop ′talk shows′. Jimmy Kimmel is about the most entertaining of the bunch, followed by Conan O′Brien, though ′Co-Co′ doesn′t really qualify as he is on TBS, a cable network. Jimmy Fallon is simply wretched and David Letterman is senile. None of them come anywhere near to the talent of a Jay Leno and are not even in the same universe as a Johnny Carson. Of course, Johnny had the luxury of a better breed of guests in addition to his own pedigree.

Then, we have the basic problem that the vast majority of TV networks, both broadcast and cable, lean Far-Left. So there is ′no joy′ to begin with as far as the ′Heartland of America′ goes. Bad enough that the news divisions of these network all taint the facts in favor of Liberals Democrats. Much of the ′entertainment′ division also promotes Far-Left causes, working into sitcom or drama story lines tidbits about global warming, ′green′ energy or that Obamacare is good for all.

Lastly, we have the issue of whether or not the ′real′ Stephen Colbert can be as funny as his ′character′? On this I have to say I doubt if there really is any difference. Even Colbert′s ′acting′ as a Conservative is about as phony as a three-dollar bill. It is pretty obvious how he butters his ideological bread, being that of a useful idiot for the Progressive-Socialists.

The bottom-line is that Rush Limbaugh is right about Stephen Colbert. His succeeding David Letterman as the host of ′The Late Show′ may not be a wise choice as far as comedic talent goes. As for a covert assault by CBS, tat they have just declared war on the Heartland of America comes as no surprise. There was nothing covert about it. CBS, just like NBC and ABC, has little regard for those Americans whom have traditional values. They were not even in the equation for the choosing of Colbert by CBS. Its all for naught, however, thanks to technology. The watching of ′Live TV′ is in decline with tools like TIVO, DVR and video on demand services. You-Tube is becoming more relevant than TV networks. So Colbert better cash those checks quickly, because the end of television is at hand