Another new poll from Fox News shows that most Americans think Barack Obama is a liar. Overall, 61% say Obama has been dishonest. By party affiliation, 60% Republicans, 41% of Independents and even 13% of Democrats believe that Obama is a fibber. His credibility began going downhill rapidly after a flurry of scandals, such as the Justice Department investigating journalists, the IRS harassing Conservatives, Tea Party and religious groups, and the NSA spying on everyone. Then Obamacare sealed the deal as many Obama lies surfaced. Even now, more are emerging as we learn today that in Alabama, widows are losing their healthcare coverage.

obama lies says new poll

It truly baffles me that anybody believes anything Obama says anymore. Another news story that came to light this week is how the U.S. Census is changing its formula for calculating how many Americans are covered with health insurance. This is to downplay the blatantly phony numbers the White House has been crowing about. Not long ago, we learned that the Census Bureau was fudging the numbers for the unemployment rates, too. The Obama administration now says that some 8 million people have signed up for healthcare with 35% being young adult enrollments. Amazing that how for some six months, Obama and his minions could not answer any questions about enrollment numbers, but now, they can give us updates on almost a daily basis.

The dishonesty-credibility gap of Obama also extends beyond domestic politics. Our foreign policy is greatly hampered by a lack of consequences for bad behavior. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Muslim extremists can get away with anything they want these days. During the 2012 elections, Obama claimed that Al Qaeda was decimated. Yet, a new video released this week shows a big rally out in the open of Al Qaeda terrorists vowing to destroy America.

So is Barack Obama a liar in your opinion? Does your skin crawl every time he speaks? Do you feel like covering your ears so you cannot hear more lies from Obama? Have you come up with a way to mentally block him out and just ignore Obama? Or maybe you think that the new poll from Fox News is tainted and is just stirring up trouble? Share your thoughts if you are so inclined.