AMC TV aired the Season 4 Finale of The Walking Dead in last night′s episode, ′A′. What is A? A is A! But, in this case, ′A′ is a marking we see often as our favorite band of zombie apocalypse survivors scurry about at Terminus. Rick and his group are chased by the ′Termites′, and always seem to be exiting buildings through doors marked ′A′. Then, as our heroes face death, they surrender and are forced into a train box car marked ′A′. Of course, A is the first letter of the alphabet, a place to start. As we saw with flashbacks throughout the episode, Rick and his group had once been secure and generally happy. Even Hershel returned as he convinces Rick to put away the guns and take up the plow.

the walking dead season 4 finale

Season 4 was a transition for the series, The Walking Dead. Life at the prison was becoming very pleasant. The gang even had 30 days of peace and quiet until the Governor showed up with a small army. Then everything changed. Many died in the battle, such as Hershel. The group was scattered, fleeing and seeking shelter alone or in pairs. Rick was so rattled by the drama of losing his baby daughter and the prison that he all but checked out. For a short while, Carl had to keep both his dad and himself alive.

As the second half of Season 4 progressed, the situation for the group was still uncertain and at times, very dismal. Daryl lost Beth and wound up with the ′Claim Gang′. Carol and Tyreese had to contend with crazy Lizzy who murders her sister and thinks the zombies are her playmates. Michonne relives her past until hooking up again with Rick and Carl. Glenn searches for his wife, Maggie, with the help of Tara, one of the Governor′s bunch, only to run into the weird Dr. Eugene and his protectors. Does Eugene really know what caused the zombie apocalypse and how to save the world?

All roads lead to Terminus. Glenn reunites with Maggie at the alleged sanctuary. On the way, Rick and his group cross paths with the Claim Gang. Daryl switches sides in a battle that forces everyone to become brutal. Rick even takes a bite out of the neck of the gang′s leader, Joe. Rick has gone from a near basket case to being the strong, fearless leader he needs to be. But in many ways, we have to ask just who are the Walking Dead? Are they the zombies or the human survivors whom appear to be just marking time on a haunted world?

Arriving at Terminus, we see the new, old Rick. He′s thinking again, trying to plan a strategy to keep him and his group three moves ahead of the game. Rick decides to not go in through the front door of Terminus. Rick decides to bury some supplies and his six-shooter, ′just-in-case′. Rick decides to break into pars and scout the perimeter. Rick is making decisions again.

They finally enter Terminus by the back door and surprise the Termites. At first, everything seems okay. The Terminus leader, Gareth, appears to be a friendly, rational sort. The initial encounter goes well and Rick′s group are lead by a lieutenant, Alex, to get a hot meal. But then Rick notices that Alex has Hershel′s pocket watch that had been given to Glenn. Rick grabs him and puts a Model 1911 Colt .45 to Alex′s head, demanding to know where he got it. Other Termites surround them and a brief standoff ends with Rick shooting Alex. The group is chased as they seek a way out of Terminus. One building they enter has a strange memorial with people′s names written on the floor and lots of candles.

Rick and his group finally get caught in the open, surrounded by Termites. They have no choice but to surrender. Forced to disarm, Rick and his group are ordered into a box car where they find Glenn, Maggie and others being held captive. All seems lost, but not to Rick. The new Rick is determined to escape and get some payback. He declares, ″They′re screwing with the wrong people.″

So what is Terminus? Are the Termites cannibals, luring survivors in so they can eat them? Will Rick and his group wind up as an entree? Or will they be made slaves? Or is this whole thing just one big misunderstanding? The Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead was a winner and leaves us with many questions.