In last night′s episode of Sons of Guns, the gang built a mobile MAG 58, mounting two belt-fed machine guns on a snowmobile converted into a sandmobile. Another customer came in wanting a massive Jingal gun, possibly used during the Boxer Rebellion in China, restored. We also saw our old buddy Vince Buckles as he paid Red Jacket Firearms a visit to talk some business. Meanwhile, Kris Ford and wife Stephanie have issues about Will making Joe the company′s CEO. On with the show!

sons of guns mobile mag58

This snowmobile is converted into a sandmobile, armed with twin MAG 58 machine guns. Image Credit: Discovery Communications.

So as we last left the happy folks at Red Jacket Firearms, Will made Joe CEO, but apparently did not tell anybody about it. Joe seems to be the only person taking his job seriously as a customer, Jim, shows up. He wants a snowmobile with twin machine guns. Joe thinks he′s crazy and wants nothing to do with the project. But Kris Ford, ever the 5-year-old, is enthusiastic. I wonder how often Kris thinks it snows in Louisiana? Kris tells Will and Will decides to trump Joe and agrees to build the mobile weapon. His plan is to replace the skis with wheels and make the contraption a sandmobile. Joe tells Will this is just the sort of project they should not be doing as they′ll make little, if any money, while draining personnel and resources from other projects.

Joe aces other problems as he tries to get production and invoicing reports from Kris and Stephanie. They do not like being managed by Joe, so they complain to Will, who informs them that Joe is CEO for the next 6 months. OUCH! Kris and Steph sulk back to their office feeling bamboozled. Then another customer, John, shows up with a seven-foot long, bolt action rifle. Nobody knows what the darn gun is but John wants it restored anyway. Luckily, Will shows the weapon to Charlie who immediately identifies the rifle as a Jingal gun. Used in the 19th Century in fortress defense, the Chinese markings indicate that this may be a relic of the Boxer Rebellion in China.

jingal gun

While Charlie figures out what caliber the Jingal gun is, work on the mobile MAG 58 continues. Then our old buddy, Vince Buckles shows up and tells Kris Ford that he has an appointment with Will. Kris doesn′t believe him and they exchange insults. Will lets Vince in and they talk business until Joe gets involved. Vince came to buy a Russian PKM machine gun, but he tells Joe that he also has a proposition to make with Red Jacket about teaming up for a build project. Joe seems interested.

Converting the snowmobile is tricky, but fortunately, Red Jacket has a Yankee working for them. Dave is from Wisconsin and knows all about snowmobiles. He figures out how to switch the skis out for a set of tires and also comes up with a second radiator which gets mounted behind the driver. Kris wants to be more involved in the project, but Joe needs him to do ′real′ work. This makes Kris more mad at his new boss.

John shows up when the Jingal gun is finished and the weapon is test fired. Charlie came up with some brass cartridges and uses 20-gauge shotgun slugs as the projectile. Since the ammunition is black powder, John will be able to load his own. The bolt action was still a bit tight but otherwise, the gun fired great. With that build out of the way, Will and Joe discuss moving as their 60 days are dwindling. Joe mentions to Will that Vince as a good deal on AK-47s and wants to work together on building and selling them. Will is not happy about the idea, but lets Joe run with it.

Will test drives the ′sandmobile′ and it does run very hot, so they decide to add an electric fan to aid the second radiator. Kris gets his cast off his right arm and hand and now has to worry about Joe making him do more ′real′ work on the production line. The next day, John shows up at the test range while the team continues to do last minute work on the mobile MAG 58. To prevent the ammo belt feed system from kinking, Will uses empty soup cans to mimic a human hand holding the feed. The mount for the guns needs adjustment and when John arrives, only one machine gun is in place.

But the team finishes the project and Will takes the sandmobile out towards the targets. Naturally, or unnaturally, the targets are loaded with C-4 so they explode when hit by bullets. YAWN! So much for ′Reality TV′! John is happy with the build, but Joe is not. Red Jacket wound up losing money on the project. Later, he meets up with Vince to talk some business, but wishes he had a taste-tester for the beer. Joe thinks Vince Buckles poisoned it. What a bunch of dopes!