So what ever happened to Will Hayden, Stephanie, Kris, Joe and the rest of the crew at Red Jacket Firearms? Sons of Guns returned last night on the Discovery Channel with the Season 5 premier episode, Will Power. The series picks up where we left off with the company struggling to survive. But onward they plod, and Episode 1 starts off with Joe and Kris Ford planning to build a gun-toting drone. Meanwhile, a customer named Malcolm shows up wanting Will to outfit his truck with a WW2, 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank cannon. Joe thinks these special builds are bad for business, but Will wants to do it anyway.

sons of guns 25mm Hotchkiss
Will Hayden installs a 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun into a client′s truck. Image Credit: Discovery Communications.

As we last left the gang at Red Jacket Firearms, the company was on the ropes, short on cash. Flem, Glenn Fleming, quit to start his own company. A major deal for SoCom Rifles went south, costing RJF about $60,000 in profit. So Episode One of Season Five starts with another deal going south, this one for building AK-47 rifles. Joe Meaux points out to Will that they need to focus on improving mass production to keep costs down and stop doing one-time, specialty builds. But Will likes the challenge and the quick cash of such builds.

Thus, when Malcolm shows up with a crazy idea to install his Hotchkiss cannon in his truck, Will is ready to bite. Then the focus shifts to Kris Ford, who lost a finger on his right hand during a weapon demonstration in Florida. During his recovery, he built a 6-bladed helicopter. Joe watches Kris fly it and they consider installing a video camera and a gun, making it an IED hunting drone. Joe talks with Will about it but Will won′t put up any cash to experiment. Joe arranges with Todd from Paradigm to fund the project.

But just as things get going with both projects, a process server shows up and serves Will Hayden with eviction papers. They have 60 days to move out. Oh-Oh! Not good! The company presses on despite the problems. Joe and Kris decide to arm their drone with a TP-9mm pistol. They test the drone and Todd is impressed. Unfortunately, the project makes them little money and its future is certain.

Flem returns to Red Jacket to help build a mount inside the truck for the Hotchkiss. Getting the cannon inside the truck was hard and almost caused an injury. Joe takes Will to the side and complains about how much time and manpower the build is taking. Will agrees to send everyone home to avoid overtime costs. Will stays up all night an finishes the project by himself.

sons of guns Hotchkiss truck

The next morning, Joe, Kris, and Stephanie are at the test range as Malcolm shows up, wondering where is Will? Then the armed truck, complete with a wild paint job, arrives. Will takes the first shot, blasting a hole in some ballistic glass. Malcolm takes a shot, punching holes in two water tanks lined up. Will brags that he can shoot on the move and goes after the last targets, some wrecked cars loaded with gasoline and C-4. The explosions are big and typical of others we have seen staged on the series. All are happy with the WW2 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun mounted in Malcolm′s truck. After the demonstration, Will is heading off to Florida when Joe confronts him about the need for sound management. Will agrees to make Joe CEO, but warns not to screw up !