It seems like only 8 weeks ago that First Lady Michelle Obama returned from a multi-million dollar, month-long vacation in Hawaii. On Wednesday, Michelle Obama heads for China on another 8-day vacation. Traveling with her are her two daughters, her mother and some 70 staff and sundry sycophants. Not traveling with her are any members of the press, for they are barred by the White House from doing their job. Looks like the Obama administration does not even trust their allies in the Liberal Media anymore.

Michelle Obama China

Naturally, the White House is mum on how much this China vacation is costing us taxpayers. Although we recently learned that our previous estimates were in error as to how much it costs Obama to fly around in Air Force One. We had been using the amount of $179,000 per hour based on Bush-era figures. But Obama loves spending other people′s money, so the actual figure is closer to $250,000 per hour, thanks to FOIA documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

The White House is billing this as some sort of cultural exchange thingy, but do we really believe that? Is this a case of you can keep your vacation if you pretend to be doing some diplomacy? And who made Michelle Obama an ambassador-at-large? Sure, she has a large butt, which, I suppose, based on what we′ve seen from other ambassadors selected by Barack Obama is as good a reason as any.

Perhaps this explains why the Obama foreign policy record to date has been so dismal? Ukraine has tossed in the towel and began withdrawing troops out of Crimea today. Venezuela is about ready to implode as violence rules the streets. Libya is far worse off now than it was when Gadaffi ruled. And those ′good Muslims′ fighting the Assad regime in Syria turned out to be running slaughter houses for killing thousands of Christians and ′moderate′ Muslims. Iran still wants to have a nuclear program and who knows what is next in store for Egypt now that they′ve rooted out Obama′s pals in the Muslim Brotherhood.

So as Michelle Obama head for China on Wednesday, we can all breath easier now that she is out of the country. Or can we? Who knows how much this vacation trip is going to cost us? Who knows what she is really going to do there? At least this gives Barack Obama a chance to be free of his wife and mother-in-law. Maybe he′ll dress up in Michelle′s lingerie and cruise for action?