After 10 days of searching, the missing jet still has not been found. The mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues as investigators focus on the pilots. Malaysian police searched the homes of senior pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah and copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. We learned this weekend that Captain Shah, aside from having a homemade flight simulator, appears to be a political dissident, attending the sentencing of of a convicted rebel. His wife and children also left him the day before the doomed flight, adding to speculation that he may have deliberately directed MH 370 off course. 1st Officer Hamid is also under suspicion after an earlier incident where he allowed two women into the cockpit of a flight about a year ago.

missing jet found

Meanwhile, the search area has been extended again over the extreme southern Indian Ocean as well as north along the Bay of Bengal all the way to Kazakhstan. The plane′s data transmitter was pinged by satellites for some 7 hours after Flight 370 went missing. This is fueling speculation that either the hijackers, possibly the pilots, flew the Boeing 777 far over the most remote part of the Indian Ocean to ditch the aircraft, or that the missing plane landed on some runway in Central Asia.

Experts now fear that we may never really know what happened to the jetliner. If a debris field is not found soon in the ocean, it could take a year for any debris to wash up on some distant shore with no way to trace it back. The plane′s ′black boxes′, actually orange, will only ping a locator signal for about one month. A ship or submarine with sonar would have to be within about 15 miles to hear the pinging underwater. As far as searching on land, it is suspected that intelligence agencies with satellites will be reviewing any and all airfields to see if they can spot the missing jet or other signs of unusual activity.

Some 26 nations are now involved in the hunt for the missing jet still not found. The mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 could become one of the biggest aviation mysteries since the loss of Amelia Earhart. Whether MH 370 went down in the Indian Ocean, or if the missing plane landed somewhere in Central Asia, the clock is ticking and time is running out before any hopes of finding the jetliner.