Today, Crimea votes on joining Russia and to secede from Ukraine. The referendum consists of two questions; Secession from Ukraine and be an independent nation, Secession from Ukraine and join Russia. A vote was held yesterday by the U.N. Security Council, led by the United States, to declare the Crimea referendum vote illegitimate, but Russia vetoed. Crimea is the home of Russia′s Black Sea Fleet and has some 22,000 Russian troops occupying the province, securing vital military installations. Despite threats by Barack Obama and John Kerry, Vladimir Putin is not backing down. Russian troops attempted to enter a neighboring province of Ukraine where most of the water, electricity and natural gas Crimea depends upon comes from, but Ukrainian army forces stopped them. Recent polls show that about 70% of those in Crimea favor rejoining Russia.

Crimea votes joining Russia

Voter fraud is expected but the results of today′s referendum in Crimea seems destined to go one way with them joining Russia. There is little that can be done to stop this. Political pressure and economic sanctions will have no effect on today′s vote. Putin has been massing more Russian forces along the border with Ukraine. Another 18,000 appear to be ready to enter Crimea at the drop of a hat. So the most likely outcome is for Crimea to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.

The Obama administration really blew this one and did so long ago. In failing to keep trying to strengthen ties with Ukraine, including admission into NATO, which had been a goal of the Bush administration, Obama dropped the ball. Or perhaps the better analogy is that he just threw it away for an incomplete pass. He didn′t want to get sacked. As it is, Obama spends most of the day in the sack. This is just part of Obama′s overall world view that America is a bad superpower and should retreat from leading the free world.

So what do you think will happen as Crimea votes on rejoining Russia? Is there any doubt to the outcome for today′s referendum? Has Vladimir Putin out-foxed the United States? What will Russia do next in regards to Ukraine?