The mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues to grow as the search area widens with new focus on the Andaman Islands. This island chain of the Andaman Sea, located in the Indian Ocean off of Thailand could be where the Boeing 777 went down, perhaps even the missing plane landed. If you like conspiracy theories then you′ll be happy to know that there are many. The latest Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theory is that the jetliner was stolen and landed on a hidden runway to be used for a terrorist attack later. Officials now say that the Airlines flight MH 370 may have been flying 4 or more hours after the transponder was turned off. So what did happen to the aircraft and where is it?

malaysia flight conspiracy theories

Here is what we do know. Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport about 12:41am local time on Saturday and was meant to arrive in Beijing some 5 hours later. About 30 minutes later, the Boeing 777 ACARS system, which transmits flight data, went silent, presumably turned off by someone in the cockpit. About 20 minutes later, the plane′s transponder was also turned off, which now made the plane virtually invisible to all except military radars. The flight never landed in Beijing, China and the plane and its 239 passengers and crew are missing. Beyond that, all we have are rumors and reports.

For example, the Malaysian military claims that their radar showed the jetliner turning westward. China claimed it spotted debris floating in the ocean well east of the plane′s flightpath. No debris was found when ships and planes searched the area. The search area itself keeps growing larger, from 2-3,000 square miles originally to now some 35,000 square miles. With the fuel on board, the Boeing 777 could have made it to Pakistan, Japan, New Guinea or Australia. The latest report is that the Rolls Royce engines were still ′pinging′ some 4 hours after the plane became lost. The company has not confirmed this but if true, we still do not know if the pinging included any flight data, such as engine temperature, fuel flow, etc.

There is a great deal of speculation about MH370. Was it blown up by terrorists in mid-flight? Was it hijacked and flown to a hidden runway? Are the plane, crew and passengers being held for ransom and the Malaysia Airlines is being quiet as negotiations proceed? Do terrorists have the plane and intend to use it as a weapon at some later date? One new conspiracy theory mentioned by a caller on Michael Savage′s radio show, The Savage Nation, is that the plane went off course and flew into someone′s airspace who then shot it down.

The U.S. Navy has dispatched the U.S.S. Kidd to begin searching the Indian Ocean, starting around the Andaman Islands for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The mystery of the missing Boeing 777 is fueling many conspiracy theories. The latest conspiracy theory is that the missing plane landed after it was diverted to a hidden runway, perhaps by terrorists. This reminds me of when SPECTER stole the British Vulcan bomber in the James Bond movie, ″Thunderball″. Who, where and why are unknown concerning the missing jetliner. Perhaps you have a theory of your own about MH 370?