If you are wondering who won the Florida special election for 13th Congressional District, Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a hotly contested race. A the ballot count stands now, Jolly won with 48.5% of the vote to Sink getting 46.7%. The Libertarian candidate, Lucas Overby, finished third with 4.8%. The special election was held yesterday after the death last October of Rep. CW Bill Young, a Republican who held the seat for some 42 years. The 13th Congressional District has been in Republican hands for some 58 years, but in the last two presidential elections, Barack Obama won each time. Many see yesterday′s special election as a test on the public′s reaction to Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. Over $11 million dollars was spent on the campaigns, most of which came from outside the district. Democrats pressed especially hard, bringing in their ′Big Guns′ to help Alex Sink, including Bill Clinton. Is this election a thermometer for the mid-term elections this November?

david jolly wins florida special election

Alex Sink was considered by many Democrat pundits to be their best choice for winning the Congressional seat. She had held statewide public office before as Florida′s chief financial officer, and was the gubernatorial nominee in 2010. Sink made Obamacare her issue, promising to fix the problems but supporting the program overall. Sink had a well-oiled money machine behind her, outspending Jolly 3-to-1 with countless negative TV ads.

David Jolly, on the other hand, was not highly thought of in GOP circles. Recently divorced, Jolly, 41, was campaigning with his new girlfriend who was 14 years younger than he. Raising money was difficult, about one-third of his cash came from other Republican members in Congress. Politically, the 13th District is split nearly even, with 37% registered Republicans, 35% Democrats and 24% registered as Independents. Demographically, the district has been trending to be more favorable to Democrats. Jolly positioned himself to be against Obamacare, emphasizing how the Affordable Care Act will harm Medicare, especially Medicare Advantage and Part D.

So will it matter this November who won the Florida special election last night? David Jolly defeated Alex Sink in a highly contested race with Obamacare being a key campaign issue. Despite Sink spending 3 times more money than Jolly, Jolly won. Did last night′s Republican victory provide us with insights into how voters will react in the November mid-term elections? Are the Democrats doomed by their own hand for passing Obamacare?