A picture is worth a thousand words. Steven Crowley of the New York Times took the picture below last week when Barack Obama visited the Powell Elementary School in Petworth near Washington, DC. While there, Barack Obama stood on an alphabet rug and warned Vladimir Putin about occupying Crimea and threatening Ukraine. Obama stood at his little podium with his pretty flags from the White House to make him appear to be the alleged leader of the alleged free world. Putin must have laughed his butt off seeing this image! Obama may as well had been sitting on the alphabet rug wearing a diaper and shaking a rattle at Putin as it would have had the same effect showing Obama to be a mere man-child.

Obama alphabet rug

Bad enough Obama looks like a baby in this photograph, but a spoiled, egomaniac as well! Did he really have to bring his flags with him? This image just goes to further demonstrate just how insecure Obama is and how he may have gone totally insane. We already know he is a pathological liar. Later last week, while in Florida, Obama announced to illegal immigrants that they should sign up for Obamacare as their information would not be used to deport them. Everyone in the Liberal Media got on Rep. Joe Wilson′s case when he yelled out ″LIAR″ as Obama spoke before a joint session of Congress on how his healthcare scam would not include illegal immigrants.

So there it is. Barack Obama on an alphabet rug warning Vladimir Putin about entering Crimea and Ukraine with his precious flags from the White House makes him look like a crazy man-child. What other explanation is there? Who else would do such a thing? Obama goes to an elementary school and sets up his podium in a preschool classroom to threaten Putin. I feel sorry for the poor children that may have been scared by this insane man talking about war. What nightmares has Obama caused them? Move over tykes, the whole country is living in a nightmare world thanks to Obama!