The results are in from the CPAC 2014 straw poll and Rand Paul walked away with 1st Place, getting 31% of some 2,459 ballots. Following him was fellow ′Wacko Bird′, Ted Cruz with 11% and Dr. Ben Carson with 9%. Chris Christie wound up with only 8% with Scott Walker and Rick Santorum tied at 7%. Marco Rubio had only 6%, perhaps a result of when Ann Coulter slams the GOP on the immigration issue. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin delivered the keynote address at the end of CPAC 2014, rocking the house with her attacks on Barack Obama, Democrats, and the Liberal news media.

rand paul wins CPAC 2014

All in all it was a fun weekend for those attending the Conservative Political Action Conference on their 50th anniversary. We who watched the proceedings on CSPAN were also treated to many fine speeches. On Friday, Rand Paul blasted the NSA spying program. Rick Perry got a standing ovation when he called for a little rebellion. My favorite moment was when Pat Cadell called for a big rebellion, starting with the House GOP leadership. If we are serious about preserving individual liberty and instituting some fiscal responsibility, then the GOP really needs to stand on principle and be a true opposition party against the Obama regime.

There is still plenty of deadwood in the GOP. One panelist at CPAC, I think his name was Avery White, actually declared that Marco Rubio was the Ronald Reagan of the 21st Century! Really?!?! What the heck is this guy smoking? I suppose Chris Christie is the Calvin Coolidge of the 21st Century, too? With Beltway Boy insiders like this fool, the GOP is not going anywhere. Sarah Palin agrees with me that the time has come to cast adrift such paid, political consulting fools.

So are you happy that Rand Paul won the results of the CPAC 2014 straw poll? Were you cheering on Sarah Palin as she gave her keynote address, chiding Barack Obama for not seeing that Russia would invade Ukrainia as she predicted in 2008? How about that Ann Coulter who slams the GOP on immigration? Was she being too harsh on Marco Rubio, the Ronald Reagan of the 21st Century? The 50th anniversary of the Conservative Political Action Conference was a good time for all.