Here we go again! We spring forward one hour tonight as Daylight Savings Time 2014 begins on Sunday at 2am. Yes, once more we have our obligatory story about the time change. One new piece of news about Daylight Savings time 2014 is that Krispy Kreme will be giving away a free donut, or doughnut if you prefer, to celebrate. According to Daylight Savings Time trivia, many attribute the concept to Benjamin Franklin to help farmers with a longer day during the summer. But the adoption of the time change did not really take off until the industrial age when England instituted it to help production during World War One.

daylight savings time 2014

Of course, we here in America twist everything to the extreme, especially in the name of righteous causes. We used to do the time change later in the spring when it did not cause school children to walk in the dark in the morning. But now, we use it in the name of energy conservation and climate change-global warming, even though there is no real benefit in terms of reducing energy.

So as we move towards a shooting war with the Russians thanks to the absolute lack of historical understanding by Barack Obama, we can now enjoy working in armament factories thanks to a longer day. We have no future plans for anything. Social Security will be going bust in two years due to the ever dwindling Labor Participation Rate. Those who retired last year will not get back the money they put into Social Security. The National Debt is completely out of control. The very same young voters who voted Obama into office have committed economic suicide.

But don′t worry about that! Daylight Savings Time 2014 begins tomorrow and you can get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme! Central Planning promises to make consumer goods at affordable prices to everyone! The brain trust at More Science High School can answer many Daylight Savings Time trivia questions, including those about Benjamin Franklin. But Barack Obama and his crowd at Commie Martyrs High School have other plans for us as we inch towards total war and our own destruction.