Yesterday, Russia test fires an ICBM while the crisis in the Ukraine continues. Under the START treaty, Russia did notify in advance of the launch by the Strategic Rocket Forces of the RS-12M Topol missile. Fired from a base near the Caspian Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reports that the intercontinental ballistic missile successfully hit its target in Kazakhstan. This action comes as more rhetoric is exchanged between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin over the Russian army occupying key positions in the Crimea, an autonomous state of Ukraine. Putin says that the troops are there to protect ethnic and religious groups from persecution by Neo-Nazi elements of the Ukrainian rebels. Obama thinks that Putin needs better lawyers to quote about international law.

russia test fires icbm

Now, there are reports of Neo-Nazis that did cause some of the violence during the several months of protests in Kiev. Some reports include how Jewish synagogs were attacked, even burnt down. One photo in particular via Twitter shows a group of anti-Russian protesters wearing T-shirts with the phrase, ″Beat the Yids″ (seen below). Obviously, they are just part of a larger collection of many groups who were unhappy about how their duly-elected president was performing his duties. The Ukraine was becoming an economic basket case. Average income levels have fallen during the past 20 years and the last 3 years saw a great deal of political corruption.

ukraine anti semitism

But, once again, it cannot be dispelled that the Ukraine is a nation virtually split down the middle, with about half leaning towards Russia and the other half leaning towards the West. We must also take note that the former president did meet with protesters and agreed to hold a special election as part of a ′peace treaty′ to end the violence and occupation of Kiev′s ′Independence Square′. That it was the protesters, at least the more violent bunch, who broke the peace treaty and began clashes with police.

So who really, if anyone, has any moral high-ground in this crisis in the Ukraine? Probably nobody! The situation has just plain deteriorated into chaos. This is Russia′s backyard and there is little the West can do as far as keeping Putin out. Reports that some 650,000 refugees from the Ukraine have fled for Russia may be true. People tend to forget that during World War 2, many in the Ukraine welcomed Nazi Germany as liberators. Over a quarter million Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans against the Soviet Union. The pro-Nazi Ukrainian Army had its own officers and were supplied by Germany with their best weaponry, including Tiger tanks and even the Messerschmidt 262 jet fighter. Even after Germany fell in 1945, the Ukrainian Army fought on until at least 1950.

As I like to quote Tom Clancy′s heroic character, Jack Ryan, ′″You can′t defuse a bomb after it exploded.″ The Ukraine has already exploded and will most likely continue to be in a state of unrest for some time to come. We may even see outright civil war there soon. There is little, if anything, that Obama can do now. He′s already shown his cards as being inept after embracing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and backing the wrong sides in Libya, Syria and elsewhere. Since last November, our State Department has been backing many radical groups in the Ukraine, some of whom may be even worse than the Muslim Brotherhood. The time to do something was months ago and Obama missed the boat, yet again.

When Russia test fires an ICBM yesterday, was it a message from Vladimir Putin to Barack Obama, telling him to mind his own business? Or was the Strategic Rocket Forces just carrying out a launch from its base near the Caspian Sea that was scheduled long before any trouble in the Ukraine? I look forward to your comments on this one.