The 2014 Texas primary election results are in and as expected, Greg Abbott will face Wendy Davis in the November gubernatorial race as Davis defeated her other Democrat opponents. Meanwhile, Republican Senator John Cornyn beat Rep. Steve Stockman as Cornyn fights to keep his seat in the U.S. Senate. His Democrat opponent remains unclear as there were five and so far none appear to have a sufficient majority. So there will most likely be a special run-off election on May 27. The Bush dynasty won last night with George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush, defeating businessman David Watts fto be the Republican nominee for Texas State Land Commissioner. He′ll be facing the Democrat John Cook, former mayor of El Paso. Another famous name, Kinky Friedman, won his nomination run and will face Democrat Jim Hogan for state agriculture commissioner.

Texas primary election results

Last night was not as good for Rep. Ralph Hall, who at 90 is the oldest member of Congress. He will face John Ratcliffe on May 27 to be the Republican nominee to represent the 4th Congressional District in Texas. The Tea Party in Texas is still strong, helping State Senator Dan Patrick beat other opponents and face a run-off in May with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who is trying to keep his job. Patrick leads in vote totals over Dewhurst.

On the Democrat side, the run off for Cornyn′s U.S. Senate seat so far David Alameel, a dentist, has leading the pack of 5 candidates with 48% of the ballots. He′ll be facing off in the May 27 run-off with Kesha Rogers, a Lyndon LaRouche follower! This one makes me laugh! One of Roger′s campaign promises if elected is to begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama. If I lived in Texas, I know who I′d vote for! Now, the Associated Press is reporting that Alameel may have enough votes to avoid the run-off, but we′ll see if that holds true should any challenges are made for a recount.

So there are some of the 2014 Texas primary election results. Quite a few nominations are undecided and will require a special run-off election on May 27. Well, what can you say? They always do everything big in Texas!