The Washington Post editorial today declares that the Barack Obama view of foreign policy is ′based on fantasy′. This comes as Obama tells Russia to pull back from the Ukraine while John Kerry goes to Kiev for a visit. Secretary of State John Kerry hit the Sunday talk shows telling all that Vladimir Putin is weak and doesn′t have the cards on this crisis. At the White House, the Obama administration is preparing to wage some economic warfare against Russia if they continue to occupy the Crimea. This would include not attending the G-8, or Group of Eight conference scheduled to be held in Sochi. The White House is even talking about attacking the ruble! Meanwhile, Russian jets violated Ukrainian airspace earlier today, raising tensions further.

obama policy fantasy

When it comes to foreign policy, or any other issue for that matter, Barack Obama is in fantasy land. He is totally ill equipped and lacks any experience to put forward any sort of a viable solution. His head is either empty or full of straw as he blunders his way through life.

Just look at the things Obama deems as important. For example, much of his 2012 reelection campaign was centered on providing free contraceptives to women of all ages, including minors. There′s something to hang your hat upon! Planned Parenthood, one of Obama′s favorite support groups, announced last week that when life begins is irrelevant to the subject of abortion. Given that Obama thinks that you are still a child at the age of 26, does this mean that parents or just the mother can abort children up to 27? Once you go beyond life starting at conception, where does it really begin? We know the fetus is going to be a human being. Are we going back to an ancient Roman practice where the father could ′terminate′ his children even when they are adults?

Is the Washington Post editorial about Barack Obama having a foreign policy based on fantasy true? A stopped clock is correct twice a day and this time the WashPo has it figured out. The war of words between Obama and Vladimir Putin over Russia pulling back from the Ukraine is a whole lot of hot air. Even with Secretary of State John Kerry going to Kiev for a visit will not amount to much. Neither will kicking Russia out of the Group of Eight, G8, and putting other economic actions against them will help the Ukrainians now.