Oh, how they made fun of her! But, history now shows that Sarah Palin was right about the Ukraine, and can say ′I told you so′ with vigor. As Barack Obama makes a fool of himself over Russia and the Ukraine, with Vladimir Putin chuckling away at him, we can now reflect back to 2008. Sarah Palin predicted this kind of response with the Russian Army invading the Ukraine based on their invasion of the nation of Georgia. Of course, Palin was not alone. In 2012 during the presidential debates, Obama tried to Mitt Romney look like a dinosaur, criticizing him for saying that Russia was still our Number 1 threat. Well…

sarah palin ukraine

So as Russia sends troops into the Ukraine and the Ukrainian government mobilizes their reserves, Obama skipped his Saturday morning security briefing. Guess he slept in, again, or something. This guy just doesn′t get it, does he? For months Obama was silent as protesters gathered in Kiev demanding that their corrupt regime resign. The Ukraine is not alone in Obama′s short-sightedness. We see unrest in Venezuela, Thailand, and the usual places from Libya to Syria. Iran and Russia are sailing warships along our coast. But Obama is only concerned about his own image and taking another vacation.

Our military is being downsized, again, by Obama. A recent Pentagon report stated that about 85% of our Army units are not ready for any combat deployment due to a lack of equipment, training and personnel. Our naval fleet is over-worked and stretched thin. Our air power is also lacking spare parts and training. The federal government seems more interested in buying ammunition for domestic agencies and even the Post Office than for our combat troops. Add to that Obama is sacking, or purging, our veteran commanders, perhaps because they are politically unreliable?

Yes, it is quite a mess we are in. Barack Obama has made America into a joke nation around the world. Iran brags about how they rolled us in the nuclear talks. We have little to no credibility anymore, especially with our allies. The sheer lack of any intestinal fortitude of the Obama administration has sent a clear signal to all, including our enemies, that the United States is a paper tiger.

So was Sarah Palin right about the Ukraine and can she say ′I told you so′? She could see, even from her front porch, that Barack Obama was a ′wee man′ compared to Vladimir Putin after the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia. The current foreign policy debacle of Obama over Russia and the Ukraine was bound to happen. The Bush administration tried to bring the Ukraine and Belarus into NATO, as well as beef up our overall global security by installing missile defense radar in Poland. But Obama dropped the ball on all of these initiatives. Putin has recovered Obama′s fumble, and is on his way to scoring an unopposed touchdown.