The Far Left is at it again! Liberals, Progressives and their allies have declared war against free speech. The latest attacks come from several directions. Sandra Korn, a student at Harvard, wrote in their newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, that any expressions of speech or academic research which goes against Liberal ideology should be prohibited in the name of social justice. The FCC was planning their own campaign against the freedom of speech by monitoring newsrooms for story content under the disguise of social justice. Barack Obama declared in his State of the Union Address that the subject of man-made global warming is no longer debatable, that it is ′settled science′. When Charles Krauthammer wrote a column last week syndicated by the Washington Post, reminding us that science is never settled, that it has always been an ongoing process, a petition campaign was launched by ′Warmers′ to silence him. Is the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights doomed to being destroyed by the new Thought Police?

liberals against free speech

Here lays the fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives, as well as Libertarians and other ′free thinkers′. Liberals demand that everyone agree with them, even though all they do is lie about practically everything. Conservatives, Libertarians and Independent free-thinkers believe that we all have the right to be stupid. Half of the time, we argue amongst ourselves over issues of ideological purity, to which there is never any consensus. But we′re all one, big, happy family of liberty-minded people.

Liberals, on the other hand, refuse to accept any diversity of thought. They exercise their right to be stupid to the ′Nth′ degree. Take for example the latest batch of lies on Obamacare enrollment numbers. Yesterday, Obama preached that 4 million people have enrolled for insurance at the website. A few weeks ago, when the number was 3 million, several health insurance companies announced that some 20-30% of those enrolled never sent a check. So the actual number of people obtaining health insurance is much lower. Then we have the Queen of Obamacare, Kathleen Sebelius, continuing to backtrack her own ′facts′ about expecting some 7 million to enroll by the March deadline.

As Colonel Kurtz would say, ″They lie and we must be merciful to those who lie.″ Is it any wonder that Liberals are now pushing harder than ever to shut down free speech, as well as any research that may pose a contrary view to their lies? The jig is up, as they say. Obama got away with plenty in the past until the Obamacare lie about being able to keep your plan and doctor surfaced from the quicksand. Now, more and more citizens are realizing that he′s not being honest. If he′s not telling us the truth about Obamacare, what else is he lying about? As Tom Clancy′s character, Jack Ryan, would say, ″You can′t defuse a bomb after it has exploded.″

So are you alarmed by the latest efforts of Liberals to shutdown free speech? Or do you agree with Sandra Korn of Harvard that only Liberalism should be taught. That any academic research or speech which runs contrary to their view of social justice is unacceptable? At what point would you limit free expression or thought? I look forward to your comments.