Al Gore is at it again, telling the folks in Kansas City to prepare for another Dust Bowl due to Global Warming – Climate Change. He points to the current drought in California as a sign, though failed to report the truth, that the drought is man-made via the EPA decision to divert water to save smelt rather than grow crops. Though, I suspect that what may really be the case is that companies backed by California Democrat politicians are selling freshwater to China. Chinese container vessels often return home towing massive bladders of freshwater. Meanwhile, old Al Gore is still beating the spirit drum for Global Warming, even though his predictions from 2007 about both ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic were to have completely melted by 2014. The reality being that there is actually more ice now in Antarctica and still plenty in the Arctic.

al gore dust bowl

While Barack Hussein Obama plans to waste more billions of dollars and add further regulations in the name of the junk science of Climate Change, North America will be getting as yet another blast of the deep freeze to return. Yes, Polar Vortex II begins this week, driving temperatures well below normal. The forecast here in Detroit, which should be experiencing an average high of 38 degrees Fahrenheit will only have highs in the teens at best through till next week. Lake Superior is almost completely frozen over and the other Great Lakes, except for Lake Ontario, are well above 80% frozen. Some experts are predicting that this will result in a cooler summer than normal.

There is just no end to the Global Warmer scam, mainly because of the money behind it. In Obama′s old hometown of Chicago, an exchange to trade carbon credits is ready to rake in hundreds of billions of dollars by selling pieces of worthless paper to investors. Between government and private spending, some $150 Billion dollars per year are wasted on averting Climate Change, a natural process that has little to do with Mankind. The last major climate event was the Little Ice Age which began in the 12th Century, long before industrialization and the use of fossil fuels. The Little Ice Age lasted well into the 18th Century and caused the deaths of millions of people. Many historians even blame this event for aiding the outbreak of the bubonic plague, or ′Black Death′, which killed nearly half of Europe off.

The politicization of science is among the great evils spawned by the Marxist-Progressive movement. Pure science is not a matter of consensus, nor of committees. Real science is objective fact based an truth, not on fear or ′social justice′. A century and a half ago, the early Progressives preached of hysteria of alcohol in our public schools, bringing about Prohibition and the rise of Organized Crime. Now the game is to create hysteria about climate change in order to make billions, even trillions of dollars, trading carbon credits. Such also gives the government another excuse to expand its powers, taxing and regulating more aspects of our daily lives.


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You have to wonder why anyone would believe Al Gore at this point about another Dust Bowl when he was so wrong about Global Warming? The ice caps did not melt as he predicted in 2007 in his book and film, An Inconvenient Truth. Rather it was a convenient lie to give Gore an opportunity to make some fast cash. The entire Global Warming – Climate Change hysteria is one big scam as real people are realizing as they face another blast of the deep freeze to return from Polar Vortex II.