The Barack Obama administration wants the FCC monitoring news stations. A commissioner of the Federal Communication Commission, Ajit PAI, wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal last week revealing this latest attempt by the White House to control newsrooms. Head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, tried to tamp down the program which plans to hire a contractor to rate the perceived responsiveness of the news media in providing critical information and critical detail needs to minorities. Wheeler issued a statement that some of the questions the contractors will ask will be dropped. However, the program will move forward, and despite it being allegedly voluntary, there is the perceived threat of TV and radio stations loosing their broadcast licenses if they fail to comply. What′s more, the FCC will also be conducting the same program with print journalism, even though they have no jurisdiction over newspapers. This is the Fairness Doctrine on steroids.

fcc monitoring stations

Now I had mentioned this last week in my article ″Obama and Imperial America″ so what has changed in the past week? One item of change is that the Obama administration is concerned that issues like climate change and immigration reform are not getting as much attention. The White House is upset that the never-ending faults of Obamacare are still being reported. Of course, all of the other ′Conservative′ pundits are jumping on the bandwagon in expressing dismay over this FCC program.

Needless to say, I saw this coming long ago, as any good dictator, be he Adolph Hitler or Hugo Chavez, always starts off by reigning in the press. As I mentioned earlier in another posting, a recent report by a ′Liberal′ media watchdog group, Reporters Without Borders, issued their latest national ratings of freedom of the press, with America dropping from 42nd to 46th this past year. When Obama took office, we were at 27th place.

From the beginning of his first term, Obama has been at war with free speech. He′s has gone after the Fox News Channel and talk radio hosts, like Rush Limbaugh and still does so today. Last year we learned that the Justice Department, under Obama′s pal Eric Holder, was specifically spying on journalists from FNC, as well as some from the Associated Press. There was even an early attempt by Obama to have the White House start its own news service. More recently, many in the Mainstream Media have become upset over the lack of access for their photographers at White House events.

So clearly, Obama is out to do whatever he can to control the flow of information as the 2014 mid-term elections approach. The other day we saw a local TV station play video of a Democrat townhall meeting where candidates laughed while their constituents complained about their experiences with Obamacare. The Democrats obviously think that the people are just being misled by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, when, in truth, the people are being misled by Obama and the Democrats.

So is it any wonder that Barack Obama wants the FCC monitoring news stations? That the White House wants to use the Federal Communications Commission as a political weapon, much as they have used the IRS against the Tea Party? All of this talk by Tom Wheeler about Critical Detail Needs, Perceived Responsiveness and Critical Information for minorities is just a smoke screen for dismantling the First Amendment. The sad part in all of this may be that many in the Media will go along with this new Fairness Doctrine. Just look at NBC and how they describe an Olympic athlete who is married to a woman, has a daughter and attends a Christian church as living an ′alternative lifestyle.′ Alternative to what? Being an atheist, single mother like Julia who needs Uncle Sugar in Washington DC from cradle to grave?