The U.S. Senate approves the debt ceiling bill, passing the increase 55 to 43. This followed an earlier vote to prevent a filibuster, passing 67 to 31. The House passed its ′clean bill′ on Tuesday with Speaker John Boehner and 27 other Republicans joining all but 2 Democrats against 199 GOP Congressmen who tried to stop it. Unlike previous debt ceiling bills, this one, like that from last Fall, did not put any cash limit on how much money the federal government may borrow. Instead, yesterday′s bill allows the government to borrow as much as they want until March, 2015. Needless to say, Barack Obama and his White House goons are very happy. Not so happy is Senate Republican Ted Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, who at least wanted an amendment to build the Keystone XL pipeline added. Mitch McConnell and Bob Corker were among several GOP Senators who changed their votes to block a filibuster.

senate approves debt ceiling bill

The absurdity of the debt ceiling vote reminds me of that wonderful comedy starring Peter Sellers, ″The Magic Christian.″ Sellers plays a nutty, wealthy English aristocrat, Sir Guy, who adopts a homeless Ringo Starr as his heir to be. In one of my favorite scenes, Sellers leads a bunch of stuffy, Establishment Lords on a grouse hunt. As the stuffy, square-hairs babble on about what good sport this is and of the importance of a ′clean kill′, Sellers has other ideas. He uses a Bofors, 40mm anti-aircraft gun to blast a poor grouse out of the sky, which is then fried with a flamethrower once it plummets to the Earth. A French chef places the crispy grouse on a silver plate and presents the bird to Sellers, who declares, “a clean kill”, much to the horror of the stuffed shirts. Right!

So there you have it, America! We have just been handed a clean kill of a clean bill to further deeper the National Debt. Since the Senate approves the debt ceiling bill, Barack Obama and the White House may now borrow another trillion or two and fund their fundamental transformation of the country. With bozos like Boenher, McConnell and Corker pretending to be the Opposition Party, its a wonder that the National Debt is not $30 Trillion dollars or more! Senate Republican Ted Cruz at least tried to satisfy the Tea Party by demanding an amendment to build the Keystone XL pipeline. But the clean bill was passed anyway with zero concessions from Democrats in Congress or by the Obama administration.