While Barack Obama and Al Gore continue to lie about Global Warming, the Great Lakes are nearly frozen! Last week, Mark Torregrossa reported for the Michigan news website, Mlive.com, on the latest findings of the Great Lakes Environmental Research laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI. As of last week, the Great Lakes, the five largest interconnected, freshwater lakes in North America, were 77% covered in ice. Just the week before, it was at 66% covered. Lake Superior rated as being 92%, Lake Michigan at 51%, Lake Huron at 84%, Lake Erie was at 96% and Lake Ontario came in only at 27%. A satellite image from NASA taken on February 6, seen below, shows the extent of the ice coverage. With temperatures still well below freezing since then, the ice coverage is probably higher today, perhaps even rivaling the winter of 1994. No relief is expected until next week at the earliest and it could be until later in the month before the ice begins to slack off.

great lakes ice covered

One of my pals who is an avid ice fisherman told me yesterday that his favorite spot on Lake St. Clair, a small lake that joins the Detroit River and Lake Erie with the St, Clair River and Lake Huron has ice that is more than 20 inches thick. More than double the norm! You could literally drive a fully loaded tractor trailer semi truck across it to Canada!

Meanwhile, the South and East Coast regions are bracing for yet another massive winter storm, possibly the worst one this season. In Atlanta, Georgia, which was nearly crippled last month when two, count′em, two inches of snow fell, turning the highways into a scene from ′The Walking Dead′, is under the gun for more ice and snow over the next 48 hours. By Thursday morning, Washington DC may have between 8 to 12 inches of snow. On the West Coast, the drought in California is turning into mud and rock slides as the Pineapple Express brings much needed rain and snow upstate. Seattle, Washington is also covered in snow due to a series of Pacific storms and Arctic temperatures.

Of course, the Global Warming liars are chanting their usual mantra of ′Climate Change′, which is their way of trying to have it both ways, too hot and too cold at the same time. Satellite temperature data shows that over the past decade, there has been no significant change in global temperatures, except in some areas which have gotten colder. So desperate are the Global Warming charlatans now that they are scaring children with videos of ′Blair-Witch-Santa′ reporting that all the reindeer are dead and Christmas will be canceled. Others are promoting human extinction stories, such as the new book by Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction.

REALLY??? I will admit that I was planning on doing this article yesterday, following up on my two pieces over the weekend on 800,000 year old human footprints in the UK and my recap of America Unearthed, which focused on early settlers to North America from Asia and Europe between 16,000 to 23,000 years ago. The short of it is that humans tend to migrate for an advantage. Modern humans migrate for better incomes or more political and religious freedoms. Our ancient ancestors migrated for better living conditions as well. So it is extremely unlikely that we will become extinct, especially due to a generally slow, geological process that would take centuries to unfold. I would bet the farm that in just one or two centuries from now, we′ll already have settlements on other worlds.

So if the Great Lakes freezing and becoming covered in record-breaking ice is not enough to convince you that Global Warming is a lie, then call friends or family in Dallas, Texas or Atlanta, Georgia as their cities roadways becoming ice skating rinks! Idiots like Barack Obama and Al Gore continue to lie about Global Warming in order to carry out their agendas of defrauding money out of your pockets. So, true for would-be experts like Elizabeth Kolbert and others who pitch their books and seek public money for their phony research.