Jimmy Kimmel used the State of the Union address for another edition of ′Lie Witness News′, the video of which is hilarious! A Kimmel staffer poses as a new reporter on the streets of Los Angeles, asking people what they thought about Barack Obama and his State of the Union speech. One problem, though, it hadn′t happened yet! Still, many people, obviously supporters of Obama, lied about seeing it and even commented on some ridiculous points made by the ′reporter′. Such as what they thought of the ′product placement′ during the speech, or, my favorite question, was Obama faking the heart attack he had at the end of the speech? Of course, while we laugh at how stupid the No-Low Information Voters are, as demonstrated by this exercise, the sad reality is that they have the power to vote in the first place!

jimmy kimmel state of the union video

I know its a touchy subject. That about 47% of the adult population are idiots and all too willing to destroy America just so they can get food stamps and free contraceptives. Not to mention allow 12 million illegal immigrants to become legal citizens and further drag us deeper into the ashcan of history. Its like the economy can support them, after all. In the past five years of Obama, the average income has declined 7% and there are still at least 11 million legal Americans who are unemployed. When will folks figure out that Robert Heinlein hit the nail on the head about the failure of democracy?

But seriously, can our nation survive much longer with lunatics running the country? Voted into office by brain-dead zombies of popular culture? Its almost enough to make me happy that I have three or five terminal diseases and will be shaking hands with Jesus shortly. Hopefully soon enough so I don′t have to watch this agonizing national death spiral much longer. And people wonder why I tune out and watch shows like Doomsday Preppers or prefer BBC America for entertainment, such as the new series, ′Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond′. Now THAT is a GREAT show! It blows away ′Black Sails′ with double grape shot!

So in case you missed the Jimmy Kimmel video of the latest edition of Lie Witness News, this time focused on Barack Obama and the recent State of the Union address, I have it embedded below. While you are laughing at just how stupid Obama supporters are, those wonderful No-Low Information Voters seem to be the future of America′s politics. With Republicans all too happy to play along and allow another 12 million such voters by giving amnesty to Illegal immigrants, our decline is practically guaranteed. Makes me regret not signing up for that one-way ticket to Mars for the upcoming reality TV series, Mars One.