Deidre Coleman Imus, wife of radio talk-jock, Don Imus, pushed the envelop of reason yesterday when she declared that chicken wings are a gateway ′drug′ to heroin. Of course, the topic of conversation was snack foods for this weekend′s ′Big Game′. Deidre Imus, who believes in ′man-made′ climate change and global warming, as well as the hysteria on gluten foods, is an advocate for her vegetarian ′green′ life style. She often praises First Lady Michelle Obama on her campaign against childhood obesity, despite statistics which show it has been declining since 2004. So is Deidre Imus crazy?

Deirdre Imus

Um, yeah! Deidre Imus is as looney as a Warner Brothers cartoon! Comparing eating chicken wings with shooting heroin is just so far over the top it should hardly need discussion. Despite her many appearances on Fox cable shows, such as a regular Sean Hannity′s ″Great American Panel′, her credentials as a Conservative are extremely lacking. She is the worst sort of food fascist whom probably would have been a popular dinner guest with fellow vegetarian, Adolph Hitler. Both regarded the eating of animal flesh as repulsive, not to mention smoking tobacco. Both Hilter and Deidre Imus favor government control and regulation over what people eat and consume.

I could say much more about this painted-faced hussy, calling her a gold-digger amongst other nasty terms. Part of the reason why our society is so screwed up with tens of millions of prescription drug addicts is due to folks not eating real, authentic food. For example, less than 1% of the population is prone to Celiac disease, where foods with gluten is truly something to be avoided. But for the rest of us, the other 99%, gluten is part of our culture. Wheat is the ′Staff of Life′. There′s nothing better to calm one′s nerves and promote a restful night of sleep than a nice serving of pasta. Historically, bread was been a staple in our diet. Items like meat or cheese were something that you ate with your daily bread. Beer is essentially liquid bread!

So the ′Big Game′ is this weekend and well over 100 Million Americans are going to watch it, many with friends and family. They will be feasting on all manner of party goodies, including Bronco burgers and Seahawk sliders. I don′t care if Deidre Coleman Imus is the wife of Don Imus, she is insane for suggesting that chicken wings are a gateway to using heroin. I used to like Imus in the Morning, both the radio and simulcast cable TV show. Fred Imus was hysterical and Bo Deidel is a trip. But the ever increasing encroachment of Deidre Imus has turned the show into so much mush. Bad enough when she was just on once a week for her ′Blonde on Blonde′ gig with Lis Wiehl. Now she′s part of the Imus rip-off of ′The Five′ panel with their Thursday ′Mensa Meeting′ which just plains sucks. Then to be subjected to another segment the same show just featuring her nutty ideas about snack foods proves two things. First, that we know who REALLY wears the pants at the Imus household and secondly, that Deidre Imus has serious ego issues as she fears for her future public image once Don drops dead.