In the fifty seven years I’ve taken up space on this planet I’ve seen a lot of change; some for the better and some for the worse. One of the things I believed to the tips of my toes for a lot of years though was that the American people were different. The American people were smart, compassionate and above all else, patient. You could fool them for a while and you could get them to put up with a lot but eventually they would wake up and do the right thing.

I sorry but don’t believe that anymore.

I don’t know what happened to us or when we hit the point of no return but I think we have. Like every great society before us we are in a state of self-inflicted decay.

You disagree? Okay, that’s your right. So convince me. Answer the following questions for me.

How is it we re-elect people who insult us, steal from us, lie to us and sell us out?
How did we come to accept murdering babies as the means to cleaning up messes made a few weeks or months prior?
When did we come to accept 50 million of our friends being on food stamps and welfare while convincing ourselves we were somehow doing them a favor?
When did we decide that 50% of our kids dropping out of school annually is acceptable?
When did we decide we could fix schools that fail to teach students year after year by paying them more?
When did we decide certain words were off limits to one segment of society and not another?
When did we decide that much of our music had to be offensive to women and unfit for children to be good?
When did we decide trashy life styles were TV series fodder?
When did we come to see hard work and success as worthy of punishment while the rights of societal parasites are to be celebrated and protected?
When did we decide that leaders in the private sector are subject to our laws and our court system but our elected officials shouldn’t be?
When did we give congress permission to write laws for the rest of us that they themselves are exempted from?
When did we agree that it was okay to send our best and brightest off to fight wars we have no intention of winning?
When did we come to trust our government to heal us rather than our physicians?
When did we decide it was okay to badmouth Christians but not Muslims?
When did we give the IRS the power to influence and control free speech?
Exactly what internal threat demands that our government purchase millions of rounds of ammunition for domestic use?
What is wrong with asking Mexico to clean up its act to the point where people actually want to stay there?
Who exactly authorized TSA to strip search grandma?
How come profiling terrorists is illegal but condemning legal gun owners isn’t?
How come I need ID to purchase a six pack of beer but not to vote?
When did we decide a 30 year old college student shouldn’t have to purchase her own birth control but the Little Sisters of the Poor should?
How did we become so hardened as to watch four American hero’s die in Benghazi on the evening news and not demand to know who abandoned them?
What is the difference between Richard Nixon intentionally and repeatedly lying to us and Obama doing the same?

Just a few years ago we would never have tolerated any of this.
What happened to us? What happened to our souls?