Isn′t the 21st Century wonderful? The Japanese lingerie company, Ravijour, has developed a new brassiere. The ′True Love Tester Bra′ is the world′s first ′smart bra′, which lights up and unlocks when its sensors determine that the wearer is in the mood for love. They have even come up with a smartphone app to help monitor factors like heart rate. The True Love Tester Bra lights up as the heart rate increases due to a woman′s sex drive, caused by adrenal medulla. Should this part of the adrenal gland begin pumping out catechlomine, which alters the automatic nerves and increases heart rate. The bra is smart enough to be able to distinguish between such increases caused by sexual arousement and physical activities such as walking running or exercising. When the proper levels are reached, the smart bra lights up and its front fastener is unlocked, ready to be undone and removed.

true love tester bra

Sadly, the True Love Tester Bra is not yet available for sale. So all of you gentlemen out there will have to wait until it enters the market. Ravijour is featuring it a new series of advertising for its ′Mood Up′ campaign, wherein customers who buy enough lingerie are signed up to win a romantic vacation trip. Still, it is only a matter of time before they become available on the open market. Which begs an important question…, how did Japan surpass America in bra technology? Naturally, I blame Barack Hussein Obama!

Yep, Obama is to blame for us falling short, losing America′s standing as a leader in brassiere technology. Just think back to the ′Hey-Day′ of America′s dominance in bra tech. Genius inventors and entrepreneurs, like Howard Hughes, put the United States on the map when it came to high-tech ladies′ undergarments. Once we led the world in bigger and better bras. It was something to be truly proud of.

But, as with all aspects of American industry and culture, Obama has taken us to the backseat like some Third World courtesan. Obama′s leadership skills are so pathetic he couldn′t lead an army of ants to a picnic. Wasting valuable taxpayers dollars on boondoggles like solar and wind power while our brassiere industry shrivels up. Oh, woes is us! Where will the next great innovation in bra technology come from?

The Japanese lingerie company, Ravijour, has developed the True Love Tester Bra, seizing the initiative in the latest of brassiere technology. Their smart bra and accompanying smartphone app monitor′s the heart rate of the wearer. The True Love Tester Bra lights up and unlocks when the heart rate is increased by the release of catechlomine by the adrenal medulla. While not yet available for sale, the new smart bra paints the way to the future of lingerie. How exciting is that?