The Utah Republican Senator, Mike Lee, delivered the Tea Party response to Barack Obama′s State of the Union address. Standing in front of a wall of Tea Party Express logos, Sen. Lee charged that the real inequality harming America is the government driven inequality. He slammed many of Obama′s agenda items, especially Obamacare as being the ″monster of all inequality″. Sen. Lee also attacked the crony capitalism created by the federal government, evidence of which is the fact that six of the nation′s ten wealthiest counties surround Washington, DC. Lobbyists, Big Business and Big Labor have benefited over the past five years of Obama in the White House. Kindred spirit, Sen. Rand Paul, also went after the problems of Big Government, including the Federal Reserve and the NSA wholesale spying of American citizens.

Mike Lee Tea Party

Both Senators Lee and Rand did a far better job than the ′official′ GOP response to the Obama State of the Coup address, which was given by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). They provided some real solutions, such as tax reform to grow the economy and create new jobs. While Obama brags about unemployment rates improving, the truth is that they are still awful. The lies cannot cover up the facts that over 11 Million Americans who want jobs cannot find them. That even more millions have simply given up. That over the past five years, the average unemployment period has risen from 19.9 weeks to 37 weeks. Likewise, the percentage of long-term unemployment of six months or more has more than doubled to 38% of all unemployed workers. So Obama′s economic policies of ′make-work′ programs and food stamps for all has been an utter failure.

As promised, I did not watch Obama give his SOTU speech. In fact, I was so worn out from trying to stay warm while it was 20-below-zero outside (Where IS the Global Warming we keep hearing about?) that I fell asleep while watching reruns of ′Hardcore Pawn′. Luckily, I had the new episode programmed on my DVR for recording, or I would have missed the exciting conclusion to the adventures of Ashley, who screwed up selling an Olympic torch, which she shouldn′t have, only to have it become lost in shipping. As it turns out, the torch was destroyed by the shipping company as they considered it to be a hazardous item. There goes $1,200 that will have to be refunded and brother Seth is out his personal memento forever, forcing Daddy Les Gold to take over control of the pawn shop′s Internet division himself.

Yep, I find that to be more interesting than anything Barack Obama has to say during another silly State of the Union address. Thank goodness that at least Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee was around to give a response for the Tea Party Express and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for the rest of us. Perhaps the only real news from last nights speech was the brouhaha between NY Rep. Michael Grimm and NY1 reporter Michael Scotto. Rep. Grimm rushed to a site in the Rotunda balcony to give what he thought was to be an interview about the SOTU speech, only to get ambushed by Scotto on a Justice Department investigation into Grimm′s campaign. Grimm apparently threatened to throw Scotto off the balcony and break him in two. Now THAT would have been something! May have even made the whole thing worth watching? It would get a 30-share, at least!